The powers that be in Washington DC appear to be handing over our country to the Chinese whether it’s for our land or our kids. Reports have been published about China buying up farmland, some near American Air Force bases. They also have deals with leftist governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer and her Chinese-linked Gotion plant.

In addition to buying up our land, the Chinese are putting their money into American Schools. PJ Media has said that there is a new report from a parents’ group called “Parents Defending Education” that details how China is funding schools in the U.S., also near military bases. 20 of them in fact.

The report shows that more than $17 million has been spent in 134 schools in 34 states from 2009 to 2023. Money is spent to teach Chinese language and culture through “Confucius Classrooms” and create partnerships between K-12 schools, universities and nonprofits and a Chinese government entity. The report goes on to say that three of our nation’s top science and technology high schools have ties to CCP-related programs and that Thomas Jefferson High School in Falls Church, VA took in about $1 million in a decade.

China has something called a “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) – an investment campaign that seeks to advance the Chinese Communist Party’s infrastructure, technology and education initiatives. And although Confucius Classrooms aren’t officially a part of that, they support it. And guess who’s involved in promoting BRI? Well, that would be Hunter Biden who seems to have a hand in anything that involves money and anti- Americanism.

Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan), who has a bill to ban federal agencies from funding research in China or any entity that is owned by the Chinese, says, “From buying our farmland to setting up CCP police stations here on U.S. soil, stealing our intellectual property, spying on our military bases, and now buying their way into our children’s K-12 schools, it is past time for this administration to wake up and realize what we are up against.”

What we are up against are the Bidens, who will sell out the country to ANYONE who will agree to bank their luxury lifestyles.