Have you noticed that all of a sudden we are getting air quality alerts? Funny how these weren’t a part of our daily lives before. Yes, there have been wildfires in the United States and Canada before – and pollution – and somehow we all survived the bad air by using our own common sense.

Somehow we went about our daily lives without cancelling things. We went about our business according to whatever the weather circumstances were – hot, cold, snow, rain, fog, etc.

It’s called weather. It’s not called climate change. Climate is ALWAYS changing. The climate in my backyard is not the same as in my front yard. It’s weather. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s cloudy. It’s weather.

Many think this new conspiracy to promulgate air quality alerts all the time is a precursor to the government taking over every aspect of our lives with a climate emergency. I am not disputing that theory at all. The leftists are even talking about it in the open now – although Biden recently told the Weather Channel that he’s already done it.

And then we have folks like the MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) who recently emailed out an alert to athletic directors at public schools statewide to announce the approval of air quality guidelines for schools during the upcoming sports seasons.

They are asking primary athletics health care providers (athletic trainers, school nursing staff, team physicians) to monitor NWS Air Quality Index (AQI) and if gets above a certain level, they recommend shortening, delaying, modifying or rescheduling activities.

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I’m pretty sure that unless it’s so foggy or smoky that we can’t see the football players on the local football field, those guidelines will be mostly ignored where I live.

Today, it’s sports, tomorrow who knows what it will be. But these types of things will continue. And for now, they are guidelines and recommendations but we all know what they turn into – mandates. Just like Covid.

And that’s what this is. With the pandemic over, the governments and their weaselly little cohorts are upset with their loss of power and control over us so they’re looking for new ways to scare us into submission.

And I’m not blowing smoke.