The road to the White House in 2024 is becoming more muddied by the day, it seems.

Democrats are facing bigger questions from voters and from the groups that have traditionally supported them.

It has gotten so bad that many are joining together with middle-of-the-road Republicans to create this thing called No Labels—a group that claims to be non-partisan and looks to field a Presidential candidate next year. The group will hold a nominating convention in April, which will give the group a months-long head start as the two major political parties will not hold nominating conventions until the middle of summer.

Can that have an impact? Democrats certainly think so and have been belittling the idea of a new party ever since it came into the light. They know that it could bleed off a fair amount of support from people who may have voted for Joe Biden—more so than those who are backing Donald Trump.

And there are a host of other concerns coming to light for the Democrats—the economy for one—which they continue to say is doing great. I will focus on that in a moment, but first, it’s the groups that the Democrats have taken for granted for as long as I have been alive that are starting to fracture and leave the left. They are leaving because there has been so much failure by Joe Biden and his cast of misfit socialists.

Here in the heart of the country, I am talking to people who voted for Joe Biden who are saying that if they could do it over again, they would have held their noses and voted for President Trump. For them, no matter how much they may dislike the guy, he got things done. Gas was a buck and a half cheaper a gallon, eggs weren’t five dollars a dozen, and mortgage rates were just over two percent. Today they are at a 22-year high and rising.

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So, when Democrats look to those traditional voting blocks, they should be seeing the same thing I am—big problems.

There are signs that the black vote is eroding, and that is a sign that bad things are happening for Democrats—but why should black voters be expected to vote for any single political party anyway? Why should union workers be expected to support just one political party?

I mean, look around. This is not John F. Kennedy’s Democrat Party—in fact, he would not even recognize this mess that he once led.

Yet when it comes to race, the Democrats and their media allies—or, more accurately, media whores—are willing to sell themselves in the name of progress and lie about some very basic things—and they are things that you and I know are flat out false.

I mean, seriously—how do they think they can sell swill like “hate crimes are exclusively committed by conservative white men” and get away with it?

The idea of homeownership has been slipping away from the younger generations at an increasing pace. Mortgage rates, as I just mentioned, have been driven ever higher by reckless spending in Washington that is met by the Fed raising rates. The average 30-year mortgage is now three and a half times higher than it was in January of 2021—that is not a small or simple matter.
But there are other things making it impossible for kids to stay where they have grown up. So what is driving housing prices so high, even with interest rates out of control? The answer is major cash buyers.

RFK Jr. is warning Americans of BlackRock’s plan to purchase every single-family home in the country, and they are working overtime to make it happen.

And with all of this going on—plus the wildfires in Maui and the severe weather in the heartland—where is Joe Biden? He is sleeping on the beach—I’m serious! The old man has been sleeping on the beach for something like 23 out of the last 30 days—and has spent more than 40% of his time in the West Wing on vacation.

There’s no malarky here, folks.

If there is anything on this earth more pathetic than Joe Biden (imagine that), it is the Democrats and media working overtime to cover for his failings and dysfunction. They’re like Sisyphus; just as soon as they push the boulder to the top of the hill and explain away another Biden gaffe, the Big Guy sniffs a kid or forgets his meds, and they’re back down at the bottom, having to start all over.