It’s bad enough that we have to put up with Bidenflation, but I’m really getting tired of everything shrinking – especially when it comes to food. The sizes of things are shrinking and the amount of product you get in a package is shrinking…it’s really getting out of control.

So if you hear that something is costing 15% or 20% more than it used to, you can probably double that because the companies are reducing the size and quantity of everything.

Just the News reports that our 4th of July this year cost us 15% more than when Biden took office. With shrinkflation happening, we lost a lot more than our money on our meal on Independence Day. Because the packages are smaller and the food is smaller, on July 4th and the rest of the year, we pay more and get less of everything.

Just recently I bought some taco shells. I think they were Old El Paso shells – and they were almost half the size as they used to be. And no, I didn’t buy mini tacos but they sure looked like it.

And every time I go to Burger King for a cheeseburger, I’m disappointed over and over again. I forget that (actually a few years ago), they changed the burgers so they are taller (more bun on top) but a lot less wide than it used to be – a much smaller burger. Doesn’t taste as good either.

I think the ice cream folks were the first to do the whole shrinkflation bit a while ago and every since then, especially after the pandemic and after Biden came into office, the companies have been downsizing everything.

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And then there’s DoorDash. When I order a meal at DoorDash, I should get THE SAME AMOUNT OF FOOD at home as I would get at the restaurant if I went there in person.

But with many of the restaurants I order from, that is NOT the case. I get less food and I am paying more. Unfortunately, because of that, I’ve been cutting down my DoorDashing considerably. I’m getting tired of getting ripped off.

They are forcing me to cook (yuck) – while getting less and paying more to do so. There’s no winning with Democrats in charge of the failing economy. And that’s just how they like it.