Looks like being an American doesn’t cut you any slack in your own country anymore. If you think that your years of working hard and paying taxes, following the law and doing good things for your country would buy you a little respect, you would be wrong. Democrat politicians don’t care about you. They only care about your votes. Actually, that’s wrong. They care about your ballots.

And in cities run by Democrats like NYC, you are out luck if you are concerned about the whole life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing. Those three promises are NOT in the cards when the Democrats allow rampant crime, drown you in regulations and taxes – and aren’t able to even provide your basic needs or give you the freedom or opportunity to secure those needs yourself.

NBC4 New York reports that in New York City shelters, the number of illegal aliens that the city is caring for has outpaced the homeless population. They report that as of Sunday, June 25th, the city had 50,000 illegal aliens in its care, including in local hotels and temporary shelters, and 49,700 local homeless residents.

These illegals have mostly come from the Latin American countries of Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia – you know, the places where our VP Kamala is diligently trying to solve the root causes of the migration problems (and obviously failing).

The news report also says that sheltering the illegals is more costly than sheltering Americans who are homeless. Illegal aliens aren’t entitled (yet) to all of the public assistance that Americans can get so the city has to buy them lots and lots of things.

You’ve seen the media reports and photos with all of the free stuff in the hotel rooms of the illegal aliens – the food, the clothing, the cell phones, the baby strollers and more. Yes, the NGOs (non-government organizations) and the churches are helping them out but so is the state and federal government – using OUR hard-earned taxpayer dollars. That’s because we can’t be bigots. We have to give these millions and millions of illegal aliens their “dignity.”

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But what about the dignity of Americans? What about all the money and manpower being used to take care of illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens – many of whom could be veterans who served our country and have PTSD and addiction problems and have fallen on hard times.

Is this what our great military has fought for over the years in the many wars? To take care of foreigners instead of Americans? I don’t think so.