Why are the old white men who are currently leading in the 2024 presidential polling running from debating their opponents in their own political party?

Is it because they don’t want to answer the hard questions from their own party from opponents who have some good points to make?

I can see where Biden wouldn’t want to answer any questions about his son, Hunter, and the Biden Family Crime Syndicate. Or about all of the illegal aliens coming into the country. Or about the crime in American cities. Or about inflation. Or about the Injustice Department and FBI targeting of his political enemies.

And I can see why Trump wouldn’t want to answer questions about his many lawsuits…No, actually, I CAN’T see, at any time, why Trump wouldn’t want to show up and talk. About anything.

So I think there are two things at work here.

As far as Biden goes, no, he doesn’t want to answer any REAL questions – and his handlers certainly don’t want him to. They don’t want the old man talking at length about anything because he ends up rambling about dog-faced pony soldiers and gets escorted off the stage by easter bunnies. The Democrat operatives doesn’t want Joe be exposed as the incompetent and corrupt president that he is.

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But for Trump, I think he’s threatening not to debate his opponents because he doesn’t want to give them any legitimacy or let them be heard. Trump thinks that people will only watch debates if he is there – and he doesn’t want to give them any free advertising.

The first Republican debate is scheduled for August 23rd and it’s held in what might be somewhat “friendly” turf by the Fox (Weasel) News Channel. Currently, there are about a zillion Republican candidates running to be president and I’m not sure what the criteria is to be invited to the debate stage – but it gets ridiculous when there are eight or more candidates on stage who get about five milliseconds each to make their case.

Trump is being cagey about whether he’ll show up at the debate. A Daily Mail article reports that he’s “entertaining offers to hold a separate event during the debate or later in the same evening.”

Yes, that’s Trump. He knows that HE is the ratings draw and he wants all of the attention.

Trump says, “We’ve had a lot of offers, whether it’s a rally or whether it’s an interview by somebody else,’ he said. ‘Not to be braggadocious but the debate will not be a very exciting one if I’m not there.”

No, he wouldn’t want to be braggadocious. Not at all.

But Trump isn’t the only one threatening not to show up at the first Republican debate. DeSantis says he won’t show up if Trump is not there and no one seems to be enamored with signing a loyalty pledge to the candidate who wins the Republican nomination. That’s pretty pathetic when you think about it.

According to the latest Weasel News poll, Trump is 34 points ahead of his nearest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Candidate Chris Christie, who thinks he is somehow relevant in the race has a strategy to get Trump to appear at the debate. He said in a recent interview, “I will shame him into showing up.”

Christie said, “And quite frankly, he owes it to his voters and to all the voters in the Republican Party to show up and debate. If he wants the honor of being the Republican nominee for president, he has an obligation to show up at those debates. But you know, ‘Oh, it’s not fair. It’s not fair to me. I’m so far ahead. Why should I let people talk about me?’ Because you decided to run for president. That’s why.”

Christie’s election strategy seems to be the same as that of the Democrats. Instead of giving a crap about the country and discussing real issues, he’s targeting Trump personally. Good luck with that. It’ll just make him look like a Democrat.