While watching the House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday with IRS whistleblowers talking about how the Biden criminal probe was mishandled, it was clear to see that most of the Democrats weren’t smart enough to keep up with the testimony in front of them. There were too many IRS rules and procedures cited and too many ones and zeroes for them to keep track of.

To be fair, regular Americans find the IRS and their rules confusing as well.

But the Democrats didn’t show up to talk about the IRS Hunter Biden matter at hand or get to the bottom of anything. They were there to talk about Trump.

Trump, Trump, Trump…

That was clearly their strategy. They were not concerned about Hunter’s tax issues or the corruption within the IRS, DOJ and FBI. They were concerned about talking about how horrible Orange Man Bad was during his presidency. Filibustering about Trump was the main entrée on the menu.

The IRS whistleblowers said that Hunter received over $17 million in foreign income during the period they were investigating from China and other countries. And he didn’t pay taxes on everything he was supposed to. He also paid out some of the money to the rest of the Biden Crime Family Syndicate and those studying up to be members.

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But the Democrats weren’t concerned why Hunter had received so much money from foreign governments when his only resumé asset was his father. And they didn’t care that he didn’t pay taxes on a lot of the money either.

The Democrats also laughably said the hearing was about prosecutorial discretion and that prosecutors have the right to decide who they charged with whatever crimes they choose to. The Democrats said that the whistleblowers either didn’t understand that or didn’t accept it.

No. The Democrats were clearly ignoring that the hearing was about PROCESS. The corrupt Biden folks interfered with the entire process of the investigation to get an outcome they wanted.

The Democrats also laughably said that Hunter was actually treated worse than anyone else because he subjected to a long and vigorous investigation. LOL.

But amidst their excuses and lies, their main purpose of the day was to talk about Trump.

If I had a transcript of the hearing, I would guess that the word “Trump” was uttered more than 50 times. I wish I had been counting but I have a life and important things to do. Apparently, the Democrats don’t. Their lives revolve around Trump. But that’s been obvious for quite some time.