As I told you in a past article, the Biden administration is currently banned from banning us. Yes, they have done their best to obliterate the first amendment protections of freedom of speech by censoring information with their social media buddies – but they got caught.

Due to a judge who has actually read the Constitution, the Biden administration can’t currently contact social media companies and work with them to ban what we say.

A federal judge (appropriately on July 4th) issued an order that limits the Biden administration’s contact with social media companies.

The Democrats had a good thing going, wrongfully censoring viewpoints online that they disagreed with or found problematic for the Democrat party.

Just the News reports that “under President Joe Biden, the government has faced intense scrutiny for its efforts to curb disinformation online, with critics contending that such undertakings were in truth an attempt to silence opposition to government narratives.”

The judge mentioned putting a stop to coordinated censorship between social media companies and habitual liar and White House Press Secretary Kareine Jean-Pierre as well other health officials. The judge also issued blanket bans against the corrupt FBI and DOJ employees trying to censor us.

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Incredulously (although not surprisingly), the Biden administration is actually appealing the decision because they want to continue to censor the speech of the American public and not doing so would cause “grave harm.” These people think that the Constitution has asterisks when they don’t like something written in it.

Crazyland. That’s the world we live in when Democrats are in power. Crazy unconstitutional land.