So Hunter’s sleazy attorneys (and the prosecutors) thought they were going to slip some nice immunity protection for Hunter Biden into his plea deal while we were all none the wiser – including the judge, who Weasel News reported as getting the documents in her hands not long before the hearing started.

Lawyers on both sides of the courtroom were trying to protect the president’s son against further prosecution having to do with his financial and tax issues.

WTF? Seriously?!

Federal Trump-appointed (yes, she’s now being called “Trump appointed” all the time) Judge Maryellen Noreika asked Justice Department prosecutor Leo Wise if the investigation against Hunter was ongoing and he said yes.

Then she asked if Biden could face charges for failing to register as a foreign agent and if the agreement blocks his prosecution for a charge like that. Wise again said yes.

Hunter Biden’s defense lawyer Christopher Clark, disagreed (even though he appears to have been lying.)

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Trying to save his reputation after getting exposed by the judge, Wise then said, “Then there’s no deal.”

Also realizing he got busted, Clark answered, “As far as I’m concerned the plea deal is null and void.”

Gee, why am I NOT surprised that Hunter’s lawyers (and the Biden-friendly prosecutors) were trying to pull a fast one and protect Hunter in a sweetheart deal that was even more sweet than we all originally thought.

At least the judge was smart enough to figure it out.

Both sides now have two weeks to work on a new plea agreement that will satisfy the judge – or indict Hunter or drop the case.

The American Thinker points out, “This entire mess highlights how outrageous it is that a special counsel was not appointed in the matter. The DOJ has an obvious conflict of interest prosecuting the president’s son when there is a potential legal liability for their boss, the POTUS.”

Apparently, the lawyers (both sides) hid the non-prosecution agreement in a pretrial diversion agreement instead of putting the information in the plea agreement. This had them, as Will Scharf, candidate for Missouri Attorney General and former federal prosecutor tweeted/x-ed, “effectively hiding the full scope of what DOJ was offering Hunter. His upside from the deal was vast immunity from further prosecution.”

Yes, they tried to shield poor Hunter from any charges for crimes on his foreign influence peddling operations in China and elsewhere.

If you want the longer explanation and really want to get in the weeds of the thing, you can check out the full tweet/x from Will Scharf.

The “Trump appointed” judge exposed their crooked “Protect Hunter” deal to the light of day.

So Hunter had to plead not guilty and was given conditions for his release which include communicating in writing about all of his international travel plans; “continue or actively seek employment” (LOL); not possess a firearm; destructive device or other weapon; not use alcohol or unlawfully possess a narcotic drug or other controlled substances (good luck with that one); submit to random testing for prohibited substances; and participation in a program of inpatient or outpatient substance abuse therapy and counseling if directed by his supervising officer.

Yes, the plea deal fell apart because the antics and collusion of both sides of the courtroom, who have been actively trying to shield Hunter from future prosecutions, was exposed by the “Trump appointed” judge.

Actually, the fix was in long ago as reported by Sperry. The whole investigation and subsequent prosecution has been a complete joke. Sperry tweeted/X-ed, “FIX WAS IN: While supposedly prosecuting Hunter Biden, Delaware prosecutor Alex Mackler shows up in Oct. 16, 2018, message on Hunter’s laptop: “[W]as wondering how life is on your end. Last you told me you were out in LA. Gimme a call sometime we can catch up. Love you brother.”

It’s always nice to have friends in high places – especially when you are high yourself.