NYC, one of many Democrat sanctuary cities, is having an illegal alien problem. Gee, who could have foreseen that?

They became a sanctuary city, like many other Democrat enclaves, because they wanted to be able to shield their future Democrat voters from the meanies at ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The Dems don’t want to share immigration information with the federal government because the Democrats don’t want the illegals deported or prosecuted. They want them to cause chaos in the country and vote for them at some point. So far, they are one for two.

But now that Biden’s open borders crisis is getting totally out of control, NYC is seeing way too many illegal aliens showing up at their front door. Thousands of asylum seekers are reportedly pouring into the city on a weekly basis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bussed in some as well.

But since NYC is a “sanctuary” city, why shouldn’t they share the burden of the open borders? The southern states have to deal with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens…millions…but NYC Mayor Eric Adams isn’t at all happy about the approximately 90,000 illegal aliens that have come into the Big Apple since April of 2022.

So Mayor Adams is putting the breaks on things. Or trying to anyway. Mostly he’s whining because he wants more money from the state and from Biden.

We have no more room!” Eric Adams groaned last Wednesday at a press conference.

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He went on to say, “We stated several months ago that we have reached full capacity and that full capacity was verbalized, and now New York is just going to be visually actualized. We’re going to see how much of our cup has basically runneth over. We have no more room in the city, and we need help.”

He told everyone, ”We cannot continue to absorb tens of thousands of newcomers on our own without the help of the state and federal government.”

Looks like his strategy of housing the aliens in hotels, motels, schools, homeless shelters, farmhouses, henhouses, outhouses and doghouses is not working out well and is not “sustainable.”

Adams’ “humanity” and “compassion” that he promised seems to be waning. Under his new plan, he’s told single illegal aliens that they can only stay in the city’s shelters for 60 days and then have to reapply for space.

I’m wondering what will happen if one of the “single” folks identifies as a family. Because it’s not about reality when it comes to Democrats and their policies, it’s about playing the game to work the system.