The drums are beating louder today than at any time for Joe Biden to face impeachment.

With each passing day, there is more evidence of criminal activity engulfing many members of the Biden family. Many of you are of the impression that Hunter Biden is the epicenter of the widening scandal—but that is not the case.

The focal point of the Biden family’s corruption is Joe Biden. He is the one that has been running the scams and the extortion routines for years. When he finally became Vice President, his drug-addled son Hunter and corrupt brother Jim were well-trained in the art of strong-arming foreign nationals and governments out of millions of dollars.

This week, we learned that Devon Archer, Hunter’s long-time friend and business partner, is ready to appear in front of Congress.

And thanks to the New York Post and others for not rolling over and giving up, the trajectory of the Biden crime family has been greatly impacted. What I mean by that is GOP leadership is now seriously considering pursuing Joe Biden and his family for something a lot more serious than a couple of misdemeanors for failing to pay taxes on millions of dollars of illicit income from foreign countries.

They are seriously considering an impeachment inquiry into the Biden family corruption.

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And, according to a best-selling author that has researched Biden’s corruption, Speaker McCarthy is on the right path to finding evidence of a lot more criminal behavior.
According to Peter Schweizer, someone close to Ukraine’s President Zelensky knew about the Biden corruption and bribery deals and likely told his boss about it. This information may currently be used as leverage in the ongoing war. Who knows?

So we are going to dig out the facts, and the best advice is always to follow the money. The money will take you to the truth about who was involved, to what capacity, and what they did to keep it secret.

However, despite the bombshell testimony we expect on Capitol Hill next Monday from Devon Archer, the official narrative has not changed, and the messaging is exactly the same: deny, deny, deny.

Or better yet—say nothing at all.