Yesterday, we discussed at length the efforts by left-wing media like the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and MSNBC to discredit the blockbuster film Sound of Freedom.

Today I am just incensed at how far these people will go to lie about the movie Starring Jim Cavizel as Tim Ballard—a man who quit his job with Homeland Security to search for children who’d been kidnapped and turned into sex slaves.

Some, like CNN, continue to push the blatantly false claim that it is somehow a conspiracy theory film that shows political elites consuming the blood of kids—or that somehow the movie is reflective of Q-Anon. None of that is even remotely true.

I had to go to two theaters over the weekend to see Sound of Freedom because the first theater was sold out! That’s right, sold out!

When was the last time you heard about a movie being sold out? This may be the first time it’s happened since the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns in March 2020.

I am still baffled by the left’s lying about what this movie is about. What it’s really about is the kids—millions of them—abducted and turned into sex slaves—and sometimes worse.

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The only way we fight against those horrible things is to hold Joe Biden and his Administration accountable for leaving the border wide open—for admitting that they cannot find at least 85,000 kids that crossed into America illegally.

Think about that. They cannot find 85,000 kids. The exploitation of kids and adults through the scourge of human trafficking is something Biden had a head start on when he came into office—but it isn’t a priority, it seems. It was, however, for his predecessor.

The cable news attacks on Sound of Freedom tell you everything you need to know—because these people embrace sexualizing kids more and more, it seems.

There has been a whole cultural shift—and I want to explain it to you. Americans are very close to a breaking point on the subject—because people, quite frankly, are mad as hell, and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

Parents all over this country are drawing a big red line in the sand over this woke garbage their kids are being taught in school—and that covers both public and private.

While the media outlets like CNN and Rolling Stone lie about Sound of Freedom and a thousand other things—they are all joined together to shut you up.

They clamor and cheer for censorship—and now they are cheering on the government to silence anyone with a different point of view. I am pretty sure that is pushing people to the boiling point too.

By the way, if you have not seen Sound of Freedom yet, you need to. It is crushing the likes of Indiana Jones with almost $50 million in sales so far. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!