The poor Democrats have been getting slapped in the face recently in court cases because they don’t believe in freedom of speech and have been getting caught for their unconstitutional ways.

The Supreme Court ruled last week that a Christian graphic designer didn’t have to create custom websites for same-sex weddings.

There was also a case where the Supreme Court threw out a Colorado man’s conviction of stalking after he sent a bunch of unwanted messages to a female musician.

The latest win for the Constitution comes out of Louisiana.

Just the News reports that a Louisiana federal judge has ordered the Biden folks to limit their contact with social media platforms.

The poor Democrats. How will they be able to censor us if this kind of rule stays in place??!

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It’s really quite unfair that the Democrats have to adhere to the Constitution – especially with upcoming elections on the horizon. How will the press secretary, the FBI and DOJ and the other Democrats be able to control what we see and hear if they can’t control social media??!

First Elon Musk took over Twitter and now this. Suppressing Republicans and Trump supporters is getting harder and harder to do these days.

I’m sure they’ll find a “work around” for this problem. Somehow the Democrats will get in touch with their social media partners – maybe get some secret phones like Biden has.

With all of the losses coming to Democrats regarding our First Amendment rights, you would think that maybe all of this free speech protection might give the Michigan Democrats pause before they try to implement their unconstitutional hate crimes bill – but I don’t really expect anything to stop them from passing it. Leftists are leftists and they will do what they want to do until they are stopped.