Fired Weasel News commentator and “journalist” Geraldo Rivera has no credibility. His career in news SHOULD have ended when he opened up the secret Al Capone vault in Chicago. The hyped show got millions of viewers only to uncover…NOTHING. All hype and no substance.

For some reason, even with that unimpressive resumé, Weasel News still hired Rivera to be on their network commentator and occasional co-host on The Five. They originally hired him as a war correspondent and that is where he should have stayed because his appearances on The Five as the token liberal were exacerbating. And so were his verbal arguments on the network with former Weasel News employee Dan Bongino.

Then there’s Rivera’s narcissism. Just about every segment of The Five’sOne More Thing” that Rivera did at the end of the show (where they highlight something cool or animal-related or whatever they choose to discuss) was ALMOST ALWAYS about himself. Rivera on a boat, Rivera at a party, Rivera with grandkids, Rivera on a boat again, Rivera doing something…UGH.

So when Weasel News finally took Rivera off  The Five and then he decided to leave the network, I was ecstatic.

Not surprisingly, he appeared on the leftist show “The View” the other day to trash Tucker Carlson and one of his male co-hosts on The Five  (although he’s too much of a coward to say who). He said he had a “very toxic relationship” with one of the “cast members.”

Rivera got a loud round of applause from The View audience for leaving Weasel News and I’m sure he’s angling for a spot on one of the shows on one of the liberal networks out there. They can have him. He advertised himself as a “free person” and that’s about what he’s worth.

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He whined to the women (sorry, menstruating persons) about being suspended three times and about how his appearances were less and less on the network. He also told the Trump-hating women that Fox had a “moral crisis” after the election and that his buddy Trump became a “crazy guy” after he lost the election.

The women, of course, said that Trump was crazy before that and a misogynist and a racist. Rivera, the coward, didn’t defend his friend. He just sat there and smiled along with the rest of them and just said, “He was always nice to me.”

However, I don’t know if Don and Geraldo are actually friends anymore – or at least maybe not after Rivera appeared on The View and said, “I am vowed to dedicate whatever energy I have left in the profession (journalism) to ensure that he is not re-elected president ever.”

Yep, Rivera is definitely angling for a job on one of the leftist TV programs. But I don’t know if he’ll be interviewing Trump anytime soon because he probably won’t take his calls anymore.