So, let’s get to the big story from DC this week so far—at least the one with the most fireworks. It is the testimony of two IRS whistleblowers who claim the investigation into Hunter Biden was blocked—and it appeared that the President’s son benefitted because of his last name.

The whistleblowers are Gary Shapley, a supervisory agent, and Joe Ziegler, one of his employees on the elite team investigating Hunter’s tax evasion and money laundering schemes.

According to Ziegler, “There was an environment when we were interviewing witnesses, where you were afraid to ask questions—questions that could lead to the [Biden] presidential campaign. And this is after the campaign’s over.”

Furthermore, Ziegler said that “It appeared to me, based on what I experienced, that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware in our investigation was constantly hamstrung, limited, and marginalized by DOJ officials.”

The irregularities and the roadblocks were put up for years, according to both witnesses, and all they got for speaking out was being smeared by Democrats and their partners in the mainstream press.

And after calling himself out as a gay Democrat, Ziegler went to work dismantling the idea that somehow he and Shapley are motivated by anything other than doing their jobs and holding people accountable. He also pointed out that the IRS and DOJ were required to charge Hunter with felonies because of the number and nature of the charges against him. Not to mention the kinds of things he put into his tax return that displayed a pattern of deceit.

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Apparently, Hunter may have been paying prostitutes and then writing them off as a business expense.
And when it came time to sit down with Hunter—well, that didn’t work out either.

According to Shapley, the Biden transition team was tipped off about his plan to interview Hunter Biden. The interview never ended up happening.

But the truth was not something the Democrats came to the Hill to find on Wednesday. In fact, they spent more time talking about Donald Trump and January 6 than they did about the serious crimes likely committed by the first junkie.

But no matter how far Democrats went into the weeds, both Shapley and Ziegler remained on point and kept coming back to the basic facts. Hunter Biden cheated on his taxes, and he did so with intent.

This left Democrats so confused at times that they actually began to agree with everything being said by the Republicans in the room.

Democrat Dan Goldman accidentally confirmed that Hunter Biden did indeed discuss his business dealings with Joe despite maintaining that he had not.

The wheels are really starting to fall off for Hunter and company. But the question remains, will anything happen?