Hollywood is on strike. Does anyone care? Their feature films have been crap for more than a decade, their woke TV programming sucks and there is enough entertainment on the internet, on DVRs and in the streaming world to keep us busy for hundreds and hundreds of years.

We don’t need them. No one is going to miss narcissistic overpaid condescending Hollywood actors – or the writers or workers who support them. Sorry, but that’s the truth. These California anti-American hypocrites who make money off a fake reality don’t conjure up any sympathy for me.

When you think about fake news, Hollywood is it. They are the original fake news organization. They vomit out their fake stories into the atmosphere in order to gain wealth for themselves and push their political and social agendas. They pretend that their version of reality really exists – and that everyone is on their side.

Nope. Not even close.

Then they get upset when a REAL movie comes out that actually represents the American public like Tom Cruises’ patriotic movie “Top Gun: Maverick.”

The leftists are also none too happy about the movie “Sound of Freedom” that exposes child sex-trafficking. The leftists, even those admitting that the movie is a “hit” are calling it “controversial” and are doing their best to trash it.

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The leftists, who always complain about “underserved” communities don’t really give a rat’s rear end if conservatives are underserved at the box office or on phone or TV screens. Because the leftists are all mystified and upset about the success of this movie, their goal is to reverse that success.

The fact that the federal agent, played by actor Jim Caviezel, is based on real-life U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard, who was an adviser to Donald Trump, makes the heads of Democrats explode even more.

The leftists also don’t like the fact that supporters of the movie are buying tickets for others and making them available on the internet. While sunshine is always the best disinfectant, leftists don’t believe in the truth or sunshine or in cleaning anything up – especially when it’s about something that they are involved in or connected to like Jeffrey Epstein or Harvey Weinstein.

Their latest attempt to trash the film comes in the form of them calling it “QAnon-adjacent.” One of several leftist media websites trashing the film is The Guardian (no surprise) with writer Charles Bramesco calling the film “paranoid. He also didn’t sound like he appreciated the robust round of applause (in a full theater) that occurred when he went to see the movie.

The fact that Caviezel has been on Steve Bannon’s show “War Room” and Mike Lindell’s streaming TV channel doesn’t endear him to Bramesco either.

Bramesco says that the movie came out of an “unsavory network” among the “far-right fringe” and he infers that those who are watching it and advertising the movie also fall under those descriptions.

News and media website Jezebel calls the movie an “Anti-child trafficking fantasy fit for QAnon” and says “At last, QAnon’s camp appeal gets the cinematic exploration it demands.”

Hm… You really have to ask yourself. What kind of company – and what kind of people – get upset about a movie that exposes child sex-trafficking?

That would be people who don’t want it exposed. People who support it. People who’s political and social endeavors are more important than the lives of children.

In other words…Monsters.