Never miss a chance to gaslight—that is the theme of the socialists running Washington these days.

The truth matters less today than ever, it appears, with the political narratives and fall guys far more important than God or country.

But before we get to all the gaslighting, let’s figure out what is going on with cocaine at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s right—the Secret Service is trying to figure out how the illegal street drug ended up in the most secure building in the world. Gives a whole new meaning to the ‘White House,’ doesn’t it?

I mean, it’s easy to think that all lines lead back to Hunter Biden. That would be the perfect snow job from the inside, right? The shortest line between points A and B could likely lead right up the First Junky’s nose.

It’s no secret that when Hunter Biden was committing felonies with illegal gun purchases, human trafficking, and prostitutes, he was addicted to crack cocaine. Not much of a stretch to point our noses in his direction again with this new discovery.

I mean, we have now seen pictures of Hunter driving 172 miles per hour down the highway on his way to Vegas in 2018—and on the same trip, he ended up with prostitutes and passed out with a crack pipe in his mouth. That, according to pictures and posts found on the infamous laptop that Hunter was too stoned to remember to pick up from the repair shop.

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So, the Secret Service, we are told, is hunting down the source of the blow in The White House—we will keep you posted.

I’m sure if you ask Joe Biden, the coke in the White House is most likely Donald Trump’s fault and likely Russian disinformation too—or maybe it’s how they get the old man jacked up to roll into the day so he doesn’t look so weak, frail and incompetent.

The media is ignoring the story, but I thought they’d be all over it considering how they reacted to finding Trump’s Diet Coke.

Anyway, last week was really big for the gaslighting crew after the Supreme Court handed down several key decisions in big cases on religious liberty and freedom of speech.

Ruling in favor of a former mailman who refused to work on Sunday was ok—and a Colorado web designer could not be forced to make sites for things she has a religious objection to.

Then the court struck down President Biden’s attempt to buy $400 billion of votes from those with student loans. The left went into full gaslight mode, calling it an attack on young people and demanding the court be expanded.

The big bomb, however, was the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Asian students that had been denied admission to Harvard and the University of North Carolina so those schools could pick people of color—but not their color—to pursue Affirmative Action programs.

The Supreme Court rejected the idea that race should play a role in college admissions—striking it down as unconstitutional—because it is.

But that was just another opportunity to light the blowtorch of gaslighting. From AOC to Democrat members of the Senate to Joe Biden himself—they all attacked the Supreme Court and Republicans—claiming the decision was just White Supremacy and racism masquerading as an opinion from the nation’s highest.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how many cases the left wins—like the right for gay marriage—whenever they lose one, they lose their collective minds.

It is hard, however, to target the court when it was the left, including the President himself and then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said Joe Biden could not forgive student loans.

Joe Biden in 2019 asked why taxpayers should pay for students’ tuition at costly private universities, while Pelosi in July 2021 stated in no uncertain terms that the president lacked the power to forgive any federal student debt.
So how can they say that they change position to attempt buying votes, and when they lose in court, cry foul?

It really is quite something.

But not everyone on the left is so dishonest—believe it or not, some are honest—and that really irritates those behind the curtain. I can guarantee you that.

Bill Maher, of all people, showed Bernie Sanders a poll where 73% of federal debt relief applicants said they’d spend their extra money on non-essentials like drugs, vacations, alcohol, and phones.

Make no mistake—colleges and universities will work hard to find ways to cheat on the admissions process because they believe they are smarter than the Supreme Court and that what they think is more important.

Biden will try to find a way to spend that $400 billion and buy millions of votes from people who don’t want to pay back what they borrowed.
It never really ends, does it?