Mark Zuckerberg’s new Twitter clone app “Threads” has been released to much fanfare from the left – and many of the leftists are joining in including Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. Why? Because they LOVE censorship and know that Mark will do his best to make sure that only leftist views are allowed in the new public square.

The app currently has about 100 million users after four days and it requires an Instagram account (no thanks). Facebook sucks. They haven’t had a decent upgrade in more than five years and what they do change is always for the worse – so why would you want to use an app from the creator of Facebook?

The company also loves to censor people and put people in “Facebook jail” for no reason at all. Yes, I’m definitely taking a pass on this leftist social media Democrat party operation disguised as a social media platform.

I really don’t know why anyone who cares about freedom of speech or fair elections would want to be on an app created by a guy who makes sure his company censors people and information – and who donated millions of “Zuckerbucks” to get Democrats elected.

Over the years and especially during the last presidential election, Zuckerberg has used Facebook as an arm of the Democrat party to censor Trump supporters and Republicans numerous multiple multiple multiple times when we have disagreed with their leftist policies and COVID-19 BS or tried to talk about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“Threads” is all about election interference and Zuckerberg is the misinformation king – he knows all and will ding you if you get out of line. But Democrats like being controlled whether it’s by the government, social media or corporations. They all march to the same drummer and conform to the norm in most instances.

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On Fox and Friends on Friday morning, host Brian Kilmeade said that Zuckerberg’s new app was created to “neutralize Twitter.” And it’s no coincidence that it was released the day after the Biden administration got banned from communicating with social media to censor people.

But who needs communication when Marks’s got your back? He’s ONE OF THEM and knows what they need done. And he’ll do it. Because who will stop him? The FCC? Law enforcement? The FBI? The DOJ? The RINOS? Yeah right…

The only reason that we know how bad the censorship was with Twitter is because Elon Musk bought the company and exposed the leftists in the “Twitter Files.” We have no such information on how bad Facebook was in censoring us but we have a pretty good idea just from our own personal experiences.

Not surprisingly, it looks like Elon plans to sue Mark over the app over stealing intellectual property and staff. His tweet to Mark on July 6th said, “Competition is fine, cheating is not.”

In a letter to Mark (which has his email address), Elon says that Twitter has concerns that he has engaged in “systematic, willful and unlawful misappropriation of Twittter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property” after hiring dozens of former Twitter employees. The letter also says that Meta is prohibited from engaging in “crawling or scraping of Twitter’s followers or following data.”

As usual, this case, like most others, will be dependent on who the judge is and not the law. If Zuckerberg gets a Democrat judge, he is golden.