The Democrats have found a new target to treat just as severely and dishonestly as Donald Trump—and he is one of their own.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. testified on Capitol Hill about censorship in America, and before the hearing was even able to begin, Democrats were calling him a racist, an antisemite, and a xenophobe, trying to get the entire hearing canceled before it even began.

And why?

Because Kennedy is challenging the scandal-plagued President Joe Biden.

By the way, Joe was hit by yet another bombshell report yesterday when Senator Chuck Grassley released an FD-1023 Document which reported that Joe and Hunter Biden coerced the Ukrainian energy company Burisma to pay them in excess of $10 million for protection. That’s right, like some mobsters would do for the local liquor store—and it appears Joe and Hunter delivered by getting the prosecutor investigating Burisma to get fired—something Joe Biden bragged about in public in 2018.

Do you know why Joe Biden bragged and why he did it in the first place? Well, greed for one. But the bragging part? Yeah, that’s because Joe ain’t too bright, and he never has been!

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I will get back to the latest corruption bombshell with the Biden Cartel—but first, I do want to dive head first into the Democrats calling RFK Jr. an antisemite and racist when members of the infamous squad like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Cory Bush, and AOC have all said vile things about Israel and demeaned Jews for years without one peep from the left.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was tossed as the head of the DNC for her craven remarks years ago, is Jewish and among those that appear willing to lie about RFK Jr in any way possible to destroy his reputation.

What was truly amazing was the extent to which the socialists went to smear the name of a man running for President as a Democrat. I mean, they tried to stop the hearing over and over again at the beginning.

Democrats, you must be proud today, but let me be clear: if you ever step out of line and challenge the status quo, like Kennedy, you will certainly be treated the same or worse. Kennedy can defend himself because he is smarter than anyone attacking him on the Hill.

Unlike the Democrats screeching like smashed cats in the halls of Congress, reading from pre-prepared remarks, Kennedy tossed his notes aside, spoke from the heart, and actually thought on his feet as he dismembered members of Congress from his own party.

Kennedy told the committee that he was censored for spreading “information that is true, but it is inconvenient to the government.”

Now look, I have a lot of respect for someone who can move and pivot and hammer adversaries without using notes—it’s what I do every day.

But let’s be clear; I am not a fanboy here of Kennedy. But just like with Bernie Sanders, I respect someone who is honest about who they are, what they believe, and why, even if they are terribly misguided and wrong on many fronts, like the Second Amendment.
But he is right on Covid, the vaccines, and even Global Warming. He believes Climate Change is real but says we cannot destroy America in pursuit of some Utopian Green New Deal religion—so there are a couple of places I can agree with him.

And he certainly believes in the greatest political document ever written, the United States Constitution, and the freedoms it protects that do not come from other men but our creator.

After all, that was what the hearing was supposed to be about—censorship and the targeted silencing by the left of people whose ideas they do not like.

Kennedy says that the First Amendment was “not written for easy speech. It was written for the speech that nobody likes you for.”
But when you go against the machine, the machine fights back and tries to grind you into oblivion. That is why the machine is still trying to destroy Donald Trump and why the leftist machine is now fixated on Kennedy. They believe he poses a clear and present danger to their power.

So to hell with the truth, just start using a flame thrower and see how much of the man you can just burn to the ground.

Yeah, it seems like Kennedy is right on target, and Democrats are scared to death. That’s why the likes of Gavin Newsome and Gretchen Whitmer are warming up in the bullpen just in case Joe Biden flames out—which is nearly for certain.

Anyway, one last thing on the whole: Joe did, in fact, talk to Hunter about business, and he did profit millions of dollars. No matter how much he denies it, the evidence presented shows otherwise.

Could something actually happen? I don’t know, but the way Democrats are attacking Kennedy tells me they feel weak in their position. If Joe were a slam dunk for 2024, they wouldn’t give this guy the time of day. Many are afraid that all this information about Biden’s corruption will not lead to consequences or prosecution. I think the Democrats are afraid of, at the very least, election consequences in 2024. That is why they must keep all eyes on RFK as they destroy him publicly.