I mean, who can trust a government that leaves the border wide open, gives the President’s junkie kid a pass on numerous serious crimes that would have meant prison for any one of us, locked us down, lied about the actual science of Covid-19 and continues to lie about the science of Climate Change while pursuing Orwellian ideas at the expense of Freedom and Liberty.

Today I am going to spend a lot of time going through the testimony of FBI Director Christopher Wray, who faced a lot of questions but had very few answers regarding the Bidens.

When Matt Gaetz asked Wray directly if the FBI was protecting the Bidens, he responded “Absolutely not.” However, he would not comment on leaked messages alleged to show Hunter Biden shaking down a Chinese official.

It wasn’t just the Biden investigation that Republicans were curious about. Thomas Massie of Kentucky grilled Wray on the FBI receiving the gun purchase records of Bank of America customers without any legal process.

Wray was also asked about the FBI targeting parents and churches, FBI agents being present on January 6, FBI involvement in censoring US citizens, and Hunter’s money from Burisma.

Unsurprising to anyone, he said little, if anything, of value or substance.

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This is the state of our federal law enforcement. They think they are unaccountable to the American people and can act with impunity. But you had better believe that if they came after you, they’d get their questions answered or there’d be consequences.