There are a pair of big stories today that have everyone talking—and we should dig into both today.

One is the discovery of cocaine in the West Wing, and the second is the scorching opinion handed down by a federal judge declaring the collusion between Biden and the DNC the biggest assault on free speech in the country’s history. The White House isn’t saying anything—per usual—and directing anyone with questions to go elsewhere.

I will get back to that.

But first, think about the past couple of weeks at the White House. A transgender activist pulls up his shirt to show off his breast augmentation to the world from the South Lawn—yeah, it was a real boob move.

Then the White House violated all etiquette involving the American flag and flew the LGBT-QRSTUV++ flag in the middle of two American flags hanging from the White House itself.

We’ve also learned about the FBI and DOJ slow-walking investigations into the First Junkie, Hunter Biden. They allowed him to skate on a pile of felony charges that anyone else would have faced if they’d failed to pay millions of dollars in taxes while setting up elaborate schemes to hide the move.

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And then comes the discovery of cocaine in the West Wing. As soon as it happened, the Hunter Biden jokes were flying, and the left-wing politicians and media flew into battle mode, circling the wagons and attacking Republicans—who, as far as I can tell, did not drop off blow in the White House.

Yes, it has been a blizzard of bad news and worse optics for Old Joe—but, as I said, I never thought it was Hunter’s and found it much more likely that the coke belonged to Old Joe. You know there is nothing like a big fat line and a cup of coffee to blast off into your day!

But it’s far more likely that we will never know who delivered a mid-summer snowstorm to the West Wing—and God knows the Democrats and the Biden Administration will never confess to any wrongdoing. This is not a two-tiered justice system—this may qualify for three or four tiers. I mean, if you can afford to lose your fix near the Oval—you can probably afford to avoid detection—if you know what I mean.

However, as we joke about Hunter and Daddy Warbucks snorting lines off a portrait of George Washington on the Resolute desk—there are some very real concerns about the security letting that get in.

I mean, honestly—is there one piece of Joe Biden’s Administration that is competent?

I have been to the Oval Office—I have cleared security, been through the Roosevelt Room, and stood in the waiting area as cabinet members stream by. I cannot imagine what kind of, well, balls it would take to do something that bold or stupid. Yet in Joe Biden’s America—cocaine is on the menu for someone in the West Wing.

And can you believe that the Secret Service cannot figure out how it got there? Seems like a stretch to me—in the most secure building in the world.

Beyond the Secret Service—what is the White House doing? Can KJP at least tell us the President is pissed off about this fiasco? Can she say that whomever they find had the coke will face severe penalties?
Good grief. Say something and stop being such a complete weasel when faced with simple questions.