As Joe Biden snickers about the Secret Service finding cocaine in the White House, the Secret Service is showing themselves to either be inept or corrupt.

It really shouldn’t take more than a week to compare fingerprints on the cocaine bag and look through surveillance video and visitor logs to figure out who brought the cocaine into the White House.

What DOES take time is to cover up for the person who is guilty – to either shield them entirely or come up with a good story to defend them and allow them time to check into rehab.

I.E. it’s an important Democrat.

The Dems can’t even tell us the truth about where the cocaine was found. Was it in the library near Colonel Mustard? Or did it grow legs and move to the kitchen with Professor Plum? Maybe it moseyed over to the bathroom with Miss Scarlet?

A child with a game of “Clue” could figure out this mystery faster than the Biden administration. But there IS no mystery to solve. There are only a bunch of liars trying to figure out the best story to tell us – not the truthful story. So they keep throwing out fake news to see which story the public might buy.

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Does the cocaine belong to any of the Bidens? They won’t say. They only tell us that Joe and Hunter weren’t in the White House on June 30th – but according to a pool report that was reported by Fox News, Biden and family didn’t leave the White House for Camp David until 6:34 p.m. on the 30th.

We all know that if the guilty party was a Mitch McConnel staffer, a friend of Ted Cruz, a Marjorie Taylor Greene visitor or a Donald Trump supporter, we’d have the person’s name, address, phone number and grade school teacher’s name by now. And there would have been a press conference about the perpetrator probably within a 24-hour period – covered live by every news network.

If the Secret Service is really THIS slow in figuring out how something got into the White House, then they should be fired. It’s unacceptable.

And if not , then they are working in collusion with the Biden administration to keep the information under wraps so that Karine and her buddies in the leftist media can get the heads up and prepare to spin the story so it does the least amount of damage to the Democrat party.

A “source” says that the person may never be found. That’s how we know it is an important Democrat. Or any Democrat really.

If it wasn’t, the Biden administration would move and earth to “solve” the crime – just like all of the illegal and unconstitutional things they did to find January 6th perpetrators. They could use cell phone pings and warrantless searches like they did back then – whatever is needed to target a political “enemy.”