The move by CMT to remove Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” is just the latest assault on free speech in America, but have you noticed what is happening?

I mean, start with this, the lefties tried to ban a song that is anticrime and pro-small-town values, and they failed in epic fashion. The song is now #1 and looks to be gaining steam.

The radical left came out three weeks ago and tried to paint the anti-human trafficking, anti-child sex slavery movie Sound of Freedom as some sort of Q-Anon conspiracy theory movie—and it just posted better numbers on its third weekend than it did when it debuted—and the movie has brought in $125 million dollars at the box office.

And then, of course, the infamous Bud Light debacle—Bud Light has lost over $30 Billion.

Target got smashed for its women’s swimsuits with tuckable fronts so men could wear them more comfortably and also lost piles of money.

You see, the cancel culture is backfiring, and the bully tactics of the left may have run out of runway. People are just sick and tired of being told what they must accept. They are tired of being bullied by big mouths on the left, and they have found a way to be heard by not giving their money to these people!

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Bud Light will never be in the top 10 again for beer sales—let’s be honest. It was not a very good product anyway—so leaving was not much of a hardship. In fact, I’m guessing some folks are like, ‘Hey, I found some real beer with real flavor!’
But the cancel culture warriors are not giving up—they found a big juicy target in the last few weeks, and they are giving their all to silence RFK Jr. That’s not working either—it seems he has enough money to keep right on talking.

But for some on the left, I think they actually believe they are somehow delivering on the greater good by trying to silence anyone and everyone they disagree with.

But not everyone responds to bullying—not everyone is scared away—or willing to back down to such threats.

RFK Jr. continues to speak the truth about the benefits of Ivermectin, no matter how much flak he catches.

The one thing the left and their media complex partners have been able to silence is the truth—because if you don’t report on big stories, it’s almost like they don’t even exist. When your number one goal is to destroy Donald Trump, you remain silent on huge stories like the release of documents that show Hunter Biden and his Daddy did work together, collecting millions of dollars as they sold this country out.

Deleting the truth only goes so far—and sometimes—there is just too much to fight.

Even CNN is being forced to report on Biden’s abysmal approval numbers. He is currently the second least popular president at this point in his term, being saved from last place by Jimmy Carter.

And getting back to the idea of how to deal with a bully, it seems that in China—they know a thing or two about how to handle a bully—one of those ways is to ignore them altogether.

Antony Blinken seems to think that China gives a rip about making him happy by cutting their carbon emissions. News flash, Antony—they don’t even know who you are.

And while China is ignoring Antony Blinken and the weaklings in the Democrat Party, they continue to take shots at America—because despite the posturing and bullying, China has a plan, and they are executing it.

So, then you come full circle and come back to the elderly socialists in Washington—one of the biggest bullies ever is former Speaker Nancy Pelosi—boy has she lost a step.

On CNN, she referred to RFK Jr. as ‘Joe Kennedy.’ Ouch.

So, do your part and stand up to the bullies in the Democrat Party. Reject censorship and demand the truth. Keep demanding that people are held accountable for their crimes and keep fighting for this great nation—we are a long way from the end.