Every day, there is another ozone alert or air quality action day in Michigan as the Canadian wildfire smoke moves across the planet.

Instead of appearing even mildly concerned about the situation, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the time recently to complain (at a Calgary mosque) about how “right-wing” extremists in America are to blame for Canadian Muslims’ opposition to LGBTQ+ curriculum and gender ideology in schools.

A parent said to Trudeau at the gathering, “I ask you, Mr. Prime Minister, please protect our culture, our belief, the sin that you are doing to them.”

Trudeau said to the parent, “First of all, there is an awful lot of misinformation and disinformation out there [from] people on social media, particularly fueled by the American right-wing are spreading a lot of untruths about what is actually… in the curriculum.”

Trudeau continued to complain about right-wing forces driving a wedge between Muslims and Canadians. He laughably said, “If you look at the various curriculums…, there is not… aggressive teaching or conversion of kids into being LGBT. That is something that is being weaponized by people… of the far right who have consistently stood against Muslim rights.”

Muslims disagree with what’s going on and who is to blame. In Calgary, Alberta on June 25th, there was a protest with hundreds of parents who screamed “Leave our kids alone!” And “Our kids, our choice!”

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Muslim Mahmoud Mourra was at the event and said, “My brothers and my sisters. We cannot stay hidden anymore for [the issue is]… getting closer to each and every one of us. If you’re not a father today, tomorrow you will be. If you’re not a mother today, tomorrow will be. You’ll have a daughter. Or do you have a son who is of minor age? He’s so vulnerable, and you have some hyenas and really powerful predators they are willing to go. They to do whatever they can take your… kids away from you.”

Trudeau and American Democrats are going after Muslims who oppose their trans-support and it’s not pretty.

In Hamtramck Michigan, LGBTQ+ protesters are going after the all-Muslim City Council over a recent flag resolution that doesn’t allow many types of flags to be flown on city property including the Pride flag. Many Dems, including the AG Dana Nessel, came into the city to protest the decision and promise more protests in the future at the expense of alienating the Muslim community in the city – and it IS alienating them. The mayor has said that Muslims are conservative and has called the protesters “militia” who are threatening them.

Sameerah Munshi of the Muslim-led organization called “Coalition of Virtue” was at a board meeting in Montgomery County, Maryland recently and hit the nail on the head about what is going on with Democrats going after Muslims. She said, “We reject the implication that acting on our faith’s principles is a willful means of harming others. In fact, we see as a point of bigotry that some only care for our community and will only protect our rights when we assimilate to our way of life and ways of thinking.”

It seems that the Democrats have a Muslim problem and it’s only getting bigger.

In Maryland, a Democrat member of a Maryland city council actually went after Muslim children and their families and said they were on the side of “White supremacists” after the kids had spoke out at a school board meeting against sexuality discussions and materials in their classes. The Democrat actually said that Muslim families don’t have the religious right to opt their children out reading LGBTQ books.

The ardent support of LGBTQ+ and pornographic books in libraries is NOT a winning issue for the Democrats. Not for Muslim votes. Not for Christian votes. Not to get any votes from concerned parents.

And not to get votes from anyone who is concerned about the sexualization and grooming of children in schools.