Yes, the Biden administration is soooooo used to getting away with things that they actually think the American people will believe that the Secret Service is unable to find out who brought cocaine into the White House.

The Dems believe they can say and do whatever they want – that they are totally untouchable. That’s because they almost always are.

But this time, they may have gone too far. They may have “jumped the shark” and went way past the limits of common sense and believability.

As I pointed out earlier, anyone with a Clue game and a brain could figure out who brought the cocaine into the White House. There are surveillance cameras and there are fingerprints. And the Secret Service agents can do interviews of staff and visitors – and drug tests of staff (which I haven’t heard anything about).

But instead, the Secret Service has CLOSED the investigation after a little more than a week due to a “lack of evidence.”

Seriously? As I also stated before, the Secret Service is either corrupt and taking marching orders from the Biden administration – or they are inept. Either way, they need to be fired.

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Have they done an actual THOROUGH investigation? It certainly doesn’t look like it. Any true- crime fan can tell you that. Actually, any five-year-old could tell you that.

Absolutely NO ONE believes that the FBI laboratory was not able to develop latent fingerprints or acquire DNA from the cocaine package.

The investigation shouldn’t be closed until they interview all 500 persons of interest. They can also do polygraphs. See who IS and ISN’T willing to do a drug test or take a polygraph. Narrow down the suspect list a little. Maybe they need to watch Perry Mason or Law and Order.

Radio host Dan Bongino doesn’t buy the “lack of evidence” story either. On his radio show on Thursday, he warned his friends at the Secret Service (he was previously a Secret Service agent) that they shouldn’t be going down this road – the same road as the FBI. He doesn’t want them throwing away their careers because of the political pressure from a corrupt partisan president who is only a temporary fixture in the Oval Office (thank God).

Speaking of the FBI, it looks like it was their lab results that the Secret Service is relying on for their investigation. That certainly explains a lot, doesn’t it?! Wink, wink.

The Republicans in the House need to hold hearings on this. Make it a spectacle. Get the records, get the surveillance videos, get the fingerprints, get the names of the agents involved… subpoena any emails and phone calls between the agents, the Biden administration and the FBI.

You would think that Biden might be a little concerned about he security of the White House – but no. He just giggles about it and doesn’t answer any questions. That means they all know who the culprit is. They probably did pretty quickly into the so-called investigation.

The cocaine perpetrator in “Blowgate” must be an important Democrat that they’re not willing to expose. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Hunter or a friend of Hunter or Biden’s daughter. But it’s obviously someone the Dems need to cover for – and the name of the person won’t get out into the public until that person has been forced to enter rehab – or until they find a lowly scapegoat to pin the crime on.