The Department of Justice, in the latest subtle move to hide the truth, took a shot at getting the star witness to the Biden corruption scandals tossed in jail before he could appear before a hearing in front of Congress—which is set for a little bit later today.

Devon Archer is the long-time friend and business partner of Hunter Biden—and he is expected to tell members of Congress that Joe Biden, as Vice President and maybe as President, was not only present but an active participant in many of the shady dealings pulled off by Hunter and his friends.

So, in one of the most blatant moves by Biden’s lieutenants to keep the scandal hidden, they are pushing for Archer to report to prison now. That, according to brand new court documents and a letter that was sent on Saturday. That’s right, an official DOJ letter on the weekend! Nothing fishy about that!

Archer was previously sentenced to one year in prison for a scheme to defraud Native Americans to the tune of roughly $60 million. Archer has been fighting the conviction while out on bail, but his attorney says this latest development is unusual, and he will be filing a formal response by mid-week.

This is just another bizarre twist—and it is being noticed by those on both sides of the aisle.

Archer’s attorney said his client is aware of speculation that the DOJ move is an attempt by the Biden Administration to intimidate him before his appearance today behind closed doors with the House Oversight Committee.
The attorney, Matthew Schwartz, says his client doesn’t believe that is why the DOJ is sending its demands on a weekend—but we do.
Schwartz says Archer will be there and will answer all the questions put to him honestly. As a result—James Comer says he could be a hero.

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But the blowback on Hunter, Dad, and the entire clan, could be damaging. It could be a disaster for the entire Democrat Party in a way we have not seen in recent years. This could be a real game changer—and that’s why the Democrats are getting their talking points in order and rehearsing them already.

Rep. Dan Goldman is already trotting out the argument that the DOJ is being weaponized against the Bidens on behalf of Trump.

So, it was Donald Trump that weaponized the DOJ and went after his political enemies? Can I get some examples of that, please? That was the biggest pile of horse manure I’ve heard in a while—and that is quite something.

It seems to me that the Blue Team is frightened—and they know the damage that can come from Devon Archer’s testimony. Of course, this comes on the heels of the Delaware Disaster—where the sugar-sweet plea deal got tossed out by the judge over a blanket immunity deal that she refused to accept.

So that is going to get renegotiated and returned to the courtroom in about a month or so—but, by then, the wheels may come off because the Hunter Biden story, instead of going away, got a whole lot bigger.

Of course, we can’t forget the part of the story where Hunter and the entire Biden family tried to pretend that a daughter he has with a former girlfriend is not his, but I digress.
The real meltdown was inside the courtroom—and the real problem for the Bidens is everything this could lead to—so why did the judge say no?

It turns out there was no agreement between the prosecution and defense over whether the deal ended the possibility of future charges.

And when you look, the amount of money that may have flowed into the Bidens’ bank accounts is obscene.

So the flailing and circling of the wagons continue because Democrats know that the guy they sold as a moderate is, in fact, a far-left hack and a completely dishonest one at that. They also know it is going to be hard to get the stink out by November.