President Joe Biden has a four-year-old granddaughter, Navy Joan, that he reportedly doesn’t visit, doesn’t send cards to, doesn’t say hello to over a phone call…Nothing…NADA.

The child was born out of wedlock (no surprise) to Joe’s son, Hunter. But the mega-rich Hunter did everything in his power not to give the child very much monetary support from the Biden Crime Family Syndicate fund.

Hunter fought child support payments in court saying he was just a poor bloke and reportedly got his payments lowered in an agreement that also includes giving the mother some of his ugly paintings. Hunter also took his high-priced lawyers along with him to make sure the child couldn’t use the last name “Biden.” And he promised to discuss (promised?!) planning a college education fund for Navy. Well, gee whiz, we ALL know how binding a Biden promise is.

Meanwhile, no matter how the child was born into the world, you would think her grandfather would give a crap about her. But not so much.

It shouldn’t matter that Navy was born because Hunter had sex while he was doing drugs and going to strip clubs and doesn’t remember being with the mom. A DNA test proves that Navy is Hunter’s daughter. That makes her Joe’s granddaughter.

So even though old Joe pretends that family is SOOOO very important to him, it doesn’t turn out to be all that important after all.

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Maureen Dowd wrote a piece on how Biden’s treatment of his seventh grandchild is both “callous” and “hypocritical” while he pretends to be a family man.

And most of Biden’s Democrat friends in the media are giving him a pass (also no surprise) on sucking as a grandfather including leftist Biden-lover and “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg who said that Dowd needs to find something else to write about and that the kid shouldn’t be linked to Biden because it’s “not the president’s baby.”

Seriously, Whoopi??!
And then there’s CNN sicko Jake Tapper who decided to target the mother as a “far right.”

It’s been reported that Biden aides have been told that the Bidens have six grandkids, not seven. The Democrats never seem to deal in reality but this is a new low even for them.

On the other hand, Biden is a creep, so maybe just maybe, Navy is better off being kept away from old Joe. She doesn’t need him sniffing her hair, licking her face or telling her that she’s sexy.