Not that it matters to Democrats, but 59 percent of Americans oppose the leftist push for EVs (electric vehicles). They don’t like the gargantuan amount of taxpayer money being used for it and they don’t want their cars drummed out of existence.

Just the News reports that a recent poll by Harvard CAPS-Harris in June found that 59% of respondents oppose requiring at least half of all cars sold in the United States to be electric cars by 2030. 75% of Republicans are against the idea, 60% of independents and even 41% of Democrats.

A recent Axios article from Monday reports on how unsold electric cars are piling up on dealer lots. AMERICANS DON’T WANT THEM.

I think most Americans realize the lunacy of what the Democrats are doing. We don’t have a reliable electric grid for all of the electric cars the Dems want to force us into – and who has $65K sitting around to purchase an electric vehicle anyway? There are also charging and reliability issues as well as problems with disposing of the batteries. And these are just a few of the problems associated with the production, use and disposal of EVs and their components.

Democrats who push this climate change EV lunacy are also ignoring the environmental destruction in other countries from mining lithium – and the child labor used to produce EV materials. They just don’t care.

The 2030 goal discussed in the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll is reflected in Biden’s executive order – which other Democrats like Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer has also signed on to. That’s only seven years away folks.

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Whether it’s seventy years or seven, partisan power is usually short-lived. That’s why when Dems are in office, they do everything they can to destroy what we have and force changes for the future. They devote much time and money into their long-term goals and try to make it as difficult as possible to undo their destruction.

Dems allocate an enormous amount of time, resources and money towards their long-term goals, knowing, for the most part, that spineless Republicans won’t have the stones to turn things back around. But this time, if they don’t, we’ll all be riding horses to work pretty soon.

In order to pursue their goals, Democrats have been throwing billions (perhaps trillions, who knows) of taxpayer dollars into battery plants and clean energy mandates – and closing down coal plants and doing everything they can possibly think of to destroy the fossil fuel industry and force us into EVs.

And for what? For a climate change agenda that Americans don’t agree with either. An April Pew Research survey showed that only 37% of Americans say that addressing climate change should be a a top priority for the president and Congress in 2023.

Democrats have never really cared about what Americans need or want though. And they really don’t care about the climate either. They are just political animals. They go ahead and do what they want to the detriment of Americans. Democrat policies are almost always based on two things and two things only – how to amass the most amount of wealth and the most amount of power.