The race to the White House is getting hotter by the day, and so is rhetoric on the campaign trail. Right now, nearly all observers say we are headed for a rematch of the 2020 presidential race.

I have been telling you for months that the power brokers both in Washington and globally want Joe Biden and Donald Trump forced to the sidelines with new candidates on the ballot. So far, that has not happened—but I believe that Joe Biden at least will be pushed out of the race. Donald Trump is certainly more problematic for the puppeteers to dispose of, so far.

So, let’s start the week looking at the possibility of a rematch, though I think it’s an unlikely scenario, and reflect on some of the things that have happened over the past few days.

First, why does Joe Biden keep nibbling on children, and what the hell is wrong with Democrats? I mean, this guy is a serial offender in this regard. How many kids have to be nibbled, sniffed, and or groped before somebody on the blue team, for the love of God, makes it stop? What would you do if this was your kid or grandkid? It’s not endearing or grandfatherly—it’s damn well creepy—and everyone knows it!

And that’s just one thing that’s happened over the past few days. How about the Secret Service closing the investigation into cocaine found inside the West Wing near the Situation Room? They didn’t even look into this for two weeks before declaring it could never be solved. Really? That should give us all great confidence. Cocaine can be delivered to the White House, clear security, be missed by every single camera, leave no fingerprints, and no way to narrow down how it got there. It’s a damn good thing it wasn’t anthrax or fentanyl. Would the Secret Service throw in the towel on that after a few days too? I don’t think so.
It’s just too hard to figure out who brought blow to the White House. After all, it is home to America’s highest elected official.

Of course, everyone’s lead suspect is the First Son and Second-Rate Porn Star, Hunter “I Love Crack” Biden, but the administration continues to hide behind the whole narrative of ‘he was at Camp David and not in the White House.’ But just like the laptop, people wonder if the human snowplow Hunter is getting another free ride at our expense.

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Speaking at Turning Point, Don Jr. said his father would have sent him to Gitmo if he had a laptop like Hunter’s, and I believe him.

So, what about other candidates in the race for the White House besides Joe Biden? How are they spending their time?

Let’s start with the former Vice President—because he had a rough go recently, saying of the decay of American cities in the face of the Ukraine war, “That’s not my concern.”

On the other side of the aisle, RFK Jr. is pointing at bioweapons labs in Ukraine and supporting the claims made by Russia that the Ukrainians were collecting Russian DNA to make targeted bioweapons before they rolled across the border with tanks in February 2021.

This brings up the topic of debates. Trump doesn’t seem convinced that Biden would debate even an opponent like RFK, no matter how well he does.

Well, if that’s the case for the Democrats—what about the Republicans? What will be in store coming up next month? How many candidates will be on the stage to field questions en route to the first votes being cast on January 15, 2024?
And let’s take a moment to look at what will be the biggest concerns at this debate.

Clearly, we have seen that the war in Ukraine and our paying for it is not popular. Nor is the open border or the explosion in crime rates in America. But we all know it comes down to the pocketbook oftentimes—and that means the economy could be number one.

Democrats are tying themselves to the brand new term—Bidenomics—which creates an opportunity for the biggest branding disaster since Bud Light. Just like I’ve told you ever since the ill-advised name was put out and repeated because now the left is all in on it. They can’t back up or un-ring that bell. Whatever happens between now and next fall they have to live with. Good luck!

But for now, they are going all in on Bidenomics, and they are getting away with it—but for how long?