After taking a bit of a break this weekend, I returned to my email folder and found 146 emails waiting for me. About 30 of them were from the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

While we know what Trump stands for and what he’s trying to accomplish (America First agenda) but I can’t say that I have any idea what Ron is up to.

In the beginning, Ron’s “thing” was freedom – i.e. he kept the state open during the pandemic. That was pretty much his claim to fame. Then, as of late, he’s been pushing back against woke.

I’ve also seen him combating Trump lately, doing a “tit for tat” type of thing after Trump attacks him. I’m not sure that’s a good strategy for any Republican competitor. If it was me, I would just have a standard line whenever Trump called me a name or came up with some childish accusation and the media wanted my comment about it. Something like, “I’m sorry, but there are more important things going on in America right now that need my attention.”

You have to have your own message. And it has to be short and clear so that the voters know where you stand and what priorities are important to you.

So I had to go looking for Ron’s message – both in his emails and on his website…

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His latest email has “We’re ready to build the wall” in the subject – but in the email, it talks about building a wall of donor names. Other emails over the weekend had different subject lines but the same language used, talking about how Biden is leading us in the wrong direction and then DeSantis asks for donations.

Ron’s logo doesn’t have a phrase of any kind. It just has a flag with three stars and it says “DeSantis for President.” In his introduction on his home page, Ron says, “I am running for President of the United States because I want to lead Our Great American Comeback. Our country is going in the wrong direction. We see it with our eyes and we feel it in our bones…”

Okay, a comeback. But what does that mean? Other phrases on his website say “I’m running to reverse the decline of the nation” and “We pledge to wage a war on woke.”

It looks like DeSantis is doing a “Great American Comeback” tour. I see the phrase also printed on some of the merchandise in his shop.

However, what I find a bit odd is that his website doesn’t say anything about what he believes in or how he’s going to affect changed and what the comeback looks like.

What I’m talking about is the usual area of a politician’s website that is called “issues” and under the many headings that are important to them (veterans, environment, etc.), they say where they stand on things and what their intentions are. I see no list of issues for Ron.

Trump has a long list of issues on his 2024 campaign website including the economy, trade, energy, secure borders, a war on the drug cartels, crime, globalism, veterans, parental rights, law and liberty, censorship, lawful elections, draining the swamp, and better health care.

So even though I know Ron wants a “comeback” of some sort, I have no idea what that consists of and which issues are the most important to him. A comeback is just another way to say “Make America Great Again (MAGA)” – so if he wants to run a Trump-like campaign, he needs to be more specific about the issues he is talking about.

Trump’s phrase “America First” might be short and sweet but we know exactly what it means and how it relates to every issue important to us. Ron needs to define himself – and quick – before Trump and the leftist media does it for him.