With crime escalating all over the country due to defunding the police and progressive pro-criminal politicians and prosecutors, criminals are getting away with more and more crimes.

And the smaller crimes, the “Broken Window” crimes (the ones that former Republican NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani prosecuted in his effort to make the city a safer place) are being ignored.

The broken windows theory is that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior and civil disobedience creates an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. And we certainly have that going on all over the country.

Un-prosecuted vandalism, loitering, shoplifting, public drinking and doing drugs…all create an atmosphere or lawlessness and the Democrats are fine with it.

The crime of shoplifting in many big cities is being ignored. In some places like California, you actually have to steal $951 or more worth of merchandise (a day) to get any attention paid to you at all.

The New York Post reports that during a shopping trip in NYC, they found Dawn dishwashing liquid, Vaseline lip balm, kids toothbrushes and Cadbury chocolate all under lock and key in cabinets where customers would need to ring a bell to get them.

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Even more concerning is a report from The Daily Mail about a Chicago store that was redesigned and now only has two aisles where customers can shop for themselves. Everything else must be done with a kiosk. Shoppers can get their essentials in the two hours but have to order everything else and pick their goods up at the counter.

I can tell you what’s going to happen here. The thieves will wait until customers pay for their merchandise and then steal from the customers instead of the stores. Criminals will be criminals.

And in Cotati, California on Sunday, workers saw about a dozen people shoplifting and the store eventually closed due to “safety concerns.”

Only in Democrat-run America are products locked up instead of criminals.