When everything is racist, nothing is racist – and in a quest to make sure America knows how racist they are, the left comes out every day to tell us about how something new is racist.

It could be racist pancakes. It might be your body mass index. It might be math and grammar. Or it might be the news media coverage of the missing Titanic-seeking submarine

“OceanGate” that the whole world was looking for.

Now that the saga is over, Obama seems to be saying that the media coverage was an example of racism and elitism.

The American Wire News reports that Former President Obama called it an “obscene inequality of coverage” when compared to the estimated 700 illegal aliens who died after an overloaded fishing vessel capsized off the coast of Greece with people in the boat being from the countries of Pakistan, Egypt, Syria and Afghanistan.

Obama spoke with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour (the same day that the elitist former president secured a $26 million grant for the Obama foundation) and whined about the news coverage. He said, “Our democracy is not going to be healthy with the levels of inequality that we’ve seen generated from globalization, automation, the decline in unions, obscene inequality…You think about news of the day. Generally, we’re not talking about news of the day, but right now we have 24-hour coverage – and I understand it – of this submarine, this submersible that tragically is right now lost at the bottom of the sea.”

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Obviously, he doesn’t understand the fascination that Americans have with anything related to the Titanic. But I digress…

Obama went on to say, “At the same time, right here, just off the coast of Greece, we had 700 people dead. 700 migrants who were apparently being smuggled into here and it’s made news but it’s not dominating in the same way and in some ways, it’s indicative of the degree to which peoples’ life chances have grown so disparate. It’s very hard to sustain a democracy when you have such massive concentrations of wealth.”

Funny isn’t it, how the wealthy, like Obama, don’t consider themselves part of that massive concentration of wealth??!

The dude is clueless because what I saw was a story about was about some people missing at the bottom of the ocean. It wouldn’t have mattered if they rich or won the trip in a drawing. And it was Titanic-related. That’s all.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And a missing sub is just a missing sub.

There’s no reason to compare it to anything else unless you have a leftist agenda to divide the country into groups that are constantly in opposition to each other for political gain.