For just one day, former Special Counsel John Durham testified on Capitol Hill, and the longtime federal prosecutor laid out the problems with the entire investigation into former President Donald Trump—and the baseless allegations it was predicated on.

Democrats spent the day trying to smear the man who, before being appointed, was considered among the most honest and hardworking prosecutors anywhere in the country.

Looking at the report he generated and the indictments it yielded—that still seems to be true, except for the dishonest partisan hacks that want to tar and feather a man who has spent 40 years in service to the United States.

And it began with some very important points—first, that the Trump collusion narrative had no foundation.

This is critically important because, for years, people like California Congressman Adam Schiff ran around claiming he had the evidence that Russia colluded with Donald Trump and his campaign to impact the outcome of the 2016 Election—but none of that was true.

We learned that Congressman Schiff and others were willing to use their powerful positions, including his as House Intelligence Committee Chair, to spin a dishonest web of propaganda to lead people to believe things that turned out to be false.

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And what is frightening is that Schiff and a number of those Socialist Democrats in his orbit don’t care. They think what they did was ok—in fact, they believe what they did was right because they were trying to protect us from President Trump when they were the enemy the whole time.
And Schiff remains defiant—even as Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna is preparing to file a privileged resolution requiring the House to vote on censuring Schiff again.

Durham was hammered by the left and put on a pedestal by the right—but he said it is the rank-and-file FBI Special Agents and support staff that are coming to him regularly concerned about the state of the agency and its future.

But the Democrats were having no part of it—accusing Durham of being part of the problem. They even accused him of trying to protect and defend Donald Trump.
Of course, they have no more evidence of that than they did of collusion—and when his reputation was attacked, Durham drew applause for his perfect response.

“My concern about my reputation is with the people who I respect and my family and my Lord, and I’m perfectly comfortable with my reputation with them, sir.”

No matter what was thrown at him—Durham stayed on message and kept laying out the facts.

I’m sure Durham knew exactly what kind of circus he was walking into on Wednesday morning. I mean, in a country, this divided, you can certainly figure out what is coming next from each side.
Even knowing what’s coming, it’s still hard to prepare for stupid comments and questions. Some came from members of Congress who have no idea what Durham has been doing for the past three years.
One of these Einsteins was Hank Johnson of Georgia, who once publicly voiced his concern that Guam would tip over.

But no matter how out of left field the comments or the attacks were—Durham was poised and professional.

And all of this mess leads back to the basic concern for millions of Americans that the FBI, the DOJ, and the greater intelligence community are being weaponized.

Because for many of us—there is a clear pattern of a double standard of Justice.

Compare Donald Trump to Hunter Biden and look at what was done to Trump by reckless narratives and fake investigations into things that never happened—like Russian Collusion.