The tale of the tape. That’s what it may all come down to for the former president because it’s quite clear that Joe Biden is not the statesman that Gerald Ford was. In fact, it’s quite clear that Joe Biden favors political vendettas and power over our great nation’s future.

Gerald Ford knew that pardoning Richard Nixon was not going to be popular in many circles—but he knew it was the only way forward for America.

If Joe Biden and the Democrats cared about where this nation is headed—he too would take the high road and pardon his predecessor. Sure, he would take heat for it—but it is the right thing to do, and anyone with an eye on where we will be in 10 years knows it.

However, the rabid politics of divide and conquer have taken hold in America. It’s not about what is right but rather about raw power and running it down the throats of political opponents.

The Democrats have always been the more ruthless of the two major parties, and that has never been clearer than it is today.

Tomorrow, for the first time in American history, the DOJ will drag a political rival in front of a judge for an arraignment. An arraignment that will forever stain this country and devalue what it has been and what it will be.

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America has always been above petty political dictatorships with tyrannical leaders—hammering political opponents with the power of the police state. But tomorrow—that will be nothing more than a quaint memory.

Joe Biden could do the right thing and pardon Donald Trump. But sadly, Biden is a little man—no better than what he and others on the left accuse the 45th President of being. You can judge people like Joe Biden when they say they want to reunite America based on what they say—or you can judge them by what they do, like Joe Biden sitting idly by with a vacant look while vicious partisans rip the other side apart with no regard for the future.

Actions speak louder than words, and Joe Biden would do well to heed such a warning. But clearly, it is far too late for that.
This brings me back to the tape—or tapes—there could be more. Right now, nobody is clear on what is floating around.

Richard Nixon was ultimately brought down by what was on tape—and by what was not—and today, we are told that there is a recording of President Trump in 2021 exclaiming that he had the evidence of some of the things General Milley and others had done. The problem is, if it’s true, it means that Trump is admitting on tape to having classified documents in his possession and that he knew he should have declassified them before leaving the presidency.

It is a very big problem—and no matter what you think about President Trump, if you are concerned about national security, if you think Hillary Clinton and her illegal private email server a problem, then you will have a hard time saying that Donald Trump possibly admitting on tape to having classified documents is not a problem.

Look, we cannot have it both ways.

But let me say this, Hillary Clinton was given a pass on her likely criminal behavior by James Comey when, as FBI Director, he said no prosecutor would go forward on her case—when that was not true. She destroyed evidence, ignored subpoenas, and gave the finger to the entire legal process. In effect, Hillary did get a pardon.

The same is true right now with Hunter Biden and his dad.

I mean, we now have very credible evidence that at least $10 million dollars flowed from Ukraine to the pair in exchange for political favors. The truth is—a lot more will flow.

Here is the jam:

You cannot just rely on whataboutism—you cannot just say, “Well, Hillary didn’t get prosecuted, and Hunter is getting away with murder…” and then say, “Well, Donald Trump did nothing wrong.”

Right now, it looks like the former President may well have done something wrong—but it is also clear that we no longer have equal treatment under the law.

However, let me say this—President Trump continues to get higher poll numbers and a flush of cash every time the very partisan and very biased DOJ sets its sights on him. Make no mistake—even if convicted, Donald Trump could certainly be reelected President—especially if the crooked and senile Joe Biden remains on the ticket in 2024.

Furthermore, Trump is making no apologies for any of it. He is digging in for the long haul—and a heavyweight fight.

I don’t know where any of this ends up, but none of it looks very good.

Joe Biden could do the right thing, pardon Donald Trump, and put America ahead of his party and his family’s political ambition. But I suspect he will continue down this same reckless road, careening toward a very bad outcome for all of us.