It has become clear that permission to let Joe Biden flounder, falter, and fail has been given.

It may not be something you see in the headlines, but all indications are now that Democrats at the highest level are looking for an exit strategy from Biden and his VP on the 2024 ticket.

DNC power brokers were already spooked by recent polling numbers showing the soon-to-be 81-year-old Commander in Chief falling behind former President Donald Trump by as much as six points—and the many missteps were not helping his case.

Each time Old Joe is challenged, he comes back with the same refrain—watch me—and the problem for Biden is that we have been—both here in the United States and around the world. Nobody likes what they see—even hardcore Democrats and Biden supporters are drifting away, with only 30 percent of them even wanting him on the ticket next year.

But Joe Biden, plagued by growing scandals of money laundering and bribery involving himself, his son Hunter, and several other family members, remains very much arrogant and defiant.

The President’s problem is that people have been watching—and to any honest person, it’s clear that the Joe Biden of today is not the Biden of a few years ago. He’s not even the one that ran for President in 2020. It’s not that he’s lost a step—it looks like he’s lost his way—and I mean that in a very literal sense. How many times have we watched him not know where to go after speaking at an event? He can’t even find his way off stage on some days.
Then came the thing the people running this country fear most—Biden began to do the little jog he’s been doing to show his vigor. This time, it came in front of the graduating class of the Air Force Academy— and he took a tumble for the entire world to see.

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Everyone knows how frail the President has become and how regularly incoherent he is.

It has risen to the point where the people actually running things in the West Wing have said it’s time to cut him loose. We know that because they are letting him fall, babble, wander around lost, and look incompetent to everyone. They’ve given the green light to cut loose from Biden.

But how?

Biden, as I mentioned, remains defiant and arrogant to the point that you have to wonder if he will do as he is told if it means stepping aside.

My guess is he will not—at least not for a while yet. This drums up memories of 1968 when LBJ told the world he was not going to seek reelection—even if they wanted him to.

That stunning announcement left the Democrats scrambling to pick up the pieces—which ultimately failed in epic fashion as Richard Nixon captured the White House that year.

Ironically, 1968 was also the last year the Democrats assembled in Chicago for their convention, just like they will do in 2024. 1968 was not a time any of them would like to remember, with violence, rioting, and police dragging away protestors in the streets for days on end.
The situation in Chicago today is also a reflection of the Democrat Party—just like it was in 1968.

Violence is out of control. In fact, it’s worse today than it was then. The number of murders in the windy city has already exceeded last year’s record numbers.

Chicago has gone so far left that the city tossed out its woke mayor in a recent election but didn’t do any better in the replacement they selected. In fact, many might say worse.

Today political activists screaming about climate change, transgender issues, capitalism, and a host of other far-left issues could easily turn 2024 into something far worse than August of 1968. After all, the city, like so many others, has lost thousands of police officers, leaving the city’s ability to respond to rioting and violence greatly diminished.

So, what is the plan?

The plan is to push President Biden out the door in the next six to twelve weeks—allowing plenty of time for preferred candidates to get into a primary run. Trust me, Kamala Harris is not the answer the left is looking for, either. She has proven time and time again that she is not ready for the big stage—or even the kids’ table on most days.

The only way to extricate her from the race to replace Biden without alienating an already skittish black voter base is to have her fail in a primary contest against other candidates. Otherwise, black voters may rebel more than they already have in recent weeks.

This brings me to the preferred ticket for the Democrats—which I believe is Governor Gavin Newsome of California, with Governor Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate. However, it could just as easily be reversed. Either way, it would give the Democrats a far stronger ticket than the soon-to-be 81-year-old gaffe machine and his clown Veep.

I believe the end of Biden as a candidate will happen in the next six to twelve weeks—but who knows? It could happen tomorrow.

Careful on that bike ride, Mr. President—and don’t get sandbagged trying to look vigorous! Take care climbing onto Air Force One—a lot can happen in just one day.