On the eve of his 77th birthday, former President Donald Trump was arraigned on 37 felony charges over his mishandling of documents at Mar-a-Lago. As usual, he made the whole thing into a spectacle, visiting a café afterwards in Miami’s “Little Havana” and then having a rally at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

In his speech in Bedminster, Trump said, “Today we witnessed the most heinous and evil abuse of power in the history of our country.”

He went on to give a long list of criminality that the Democrats have participated in over the years and pointed out that nothing ever happens to them i.e. the Clintons and Bidens – and even George W. Bush. He said, “Never before have the two standards of justice been so starkly revealed.”

The Democrats have done so many things, that I had actually forgot some of them so I was glad to hear Trump bring them up again.

Trump pointed to Hillary deleting and “acid washing” 33,000 emails and then destroying computers and phones AFTER getting a congressional subpoena. (Oh yeah, he reminded us that she had her own private server in her basement so she could do her “pay for play” scams. All of which former FBI director James Comey and the DOJ ignored. You can read Comey’s ridiculous conclusion on the matter here.

Trump pointed out that Bill Clinton kept 79 audio tapes in his sock drawer, including discussions of U.S. foreign policy, trade negotiations and many other things.

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Trump pointed out that “Joe Biden had troves of classified documents from his time as Vice President and even as a senator which was completely and totally illegal…”

Trump pointed out that Biden sent 1,850 boxes of documents to the University of Delaware, making the search very difficult to anybody and he refuses to give them up or let anyone look at them. Others were insecure at the Penn Biden Center in D.C. (paid for by an anonymous Chinese donor) and other documents were in his garage with no security and the door left open.

Trump pointed out how much money Biden and his family has received from China and the current bribery scheme exposed.

Trump pointed to Bill Clinton’s National Security adviser Sandy Berger stealing classified docs from the national archives in his socks and pants and then later destroying them.

Trump pointed to Bill Clinton losing the nuclear codes.

Trump pointed to Hillary stealing furniture and china from the White House.

Trump pointed to the George W. Bush White House losing 22 million emails and reminded us about a document shredding truck reportedly headed to VP Dick Cheney’s house.

But instead of ever arresting Democrats (or RINOS) – or even investigating them – they continue to get a pass on everything that they do. Trump, on the other hand, gets charged with things like the Espionage Act and threatened with 400 years of jail.