For the first time in American history, a former President will be dragged into a Federal Courtroom facing charges. It is outrageous, and it is clearly selective prosecution against the 45th President.

I want to start with a guy that I have grown to like over the past few weeks. A guy that is running for President as a Republican and, like most of the field, has almost no chance at all of breaking through. But he is smart and tough—and he refuses to give in to the bullies on the left or their media allies.

Vivek Ramaswamy is a guy that has proven he will step up and tell the truth—even when it means taking the side of Donald Trump at the head of the field of Republicans.

While appearing on CNN, he took Dana Bash to task, highlighting how the media doesn’t hold the government accountable anymore, but rather does “the bidding of the US government.”

And, of course, those on the left are defending the failure of any Democrats ever to be held accountable for the things they say and do—because the left is never guilty of anything, it seems.

Dan Goldman is denying the fact that Hillary Clinton ignored a subpoena and destroyed several cell phones and thousands of emails.

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And what about Hunter Biden? We now know that he has been the focus of an alleged investigation since at least 2017—and the FBI has had his computer since 2019. But nothing ever happens. There is at least one guy on cable who was willing to tell the truth. CNN’s Elie Honig made an excellent point on the Hunter case. Yes, you read that right. CNN’s Elie Honig.

He pointed out that the Hunter case is about whether the man paid his taxes, making it ridiculous for the DOJ to sit on it for years before investigating. Trust me, if it were you or me, it would not be years in the making.

And we all know this garbage permeates through the Federal Government, where there are at least two tiers of justice and maybe a whole lot more.