It appears that the financial scandals surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden are taking their toll.

Major news outlets have been forced to discuss the scandals originating with whistleblowers who accuse Hunter Biden and his father of receiving massive payments from China, Russia, Ukraine, and even smaller countries like Romania.

And now there are text and social media messages that really put the entire administration on the spot. Messages that appear to show Hunter extorting a Chinese national, threatening action from Joe if a deal was not made.

When asked about the text messages, John Kirby refused to answer and left the room.

Even lifelong Democrats are being forced to come to terms with just how corrupt the Biden family is.

And when the mainstream media starts to peel off, and Democrats start to admit there are problems with the Bidens, this opens the opportunity to discuss the two-tiered justice system in America in the wake of Hunter’s sweetheart deal for tax evasion and illegal gun possession.

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And you know the temperature is getting turned up when KJP is getting angry and defensive with the challenging questions coming from the White House press pool. Unlike in the past, reporters are ganging up and not taking no comment for an answer.

And, as I said, the networks have been pushed to a point where they can no longer ignore the blatantly obvious scandals—the pile of evidence that is getting bigger every day.