In a stunning coincidence, on the very same day that several members of Congress were finally able to see the so-called FD-1023 document that outlines a scheme by which both Joe Biden and his crackhead son Hunter received $5 million dollars each in a bribe from a foreign national, the Justice Department moved to indict former President Donald Trump in yet another attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people.

Consider this:

Hillary Clinton was subpoenaed to turn over 33,000 emails and several devices—but instead, she deleted the emails and acid washed the hard drive of the computers, and then her team took hammers to the cell phones, destroying them completely.

But Hillary Clinton was never indicted for giving the finger to those demanding that she turn over the material—nobody on her staff was ever indicted early.

No Grand Jury was empaneled, and instead, James Comey came out in front of the world to declare no prosecutor would ever pursue a case in the matter—the world’s tallest boy scout is just another scumbag in the middle of the wretched DC Swamp.

The FBI and DOJ were made aware of the bribery scheme involving the Biden family in 2017 when a whistleblower put the information on the record in that FD-1023 form. Members of Congress streamed out yesterday to say the entire bribery and money laundering scheme by the Biden Cabal was incredibly credible. Among them was Nancy Mace of South Carolina—not someone Donald Trump could count among his friends but someone who saw the evidence and remarked on how credible it was.
It has been amazing that every single time Joe Biden and his band of nitwit criminals get jammed up in the news cycle, the DOJ moves against the former president.

There is a pattern of going after Trump while ignoring and, worse, covering for the Bidens.

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The FBI has had Hunter’s laptop since December 2019, and yet, there has been no Grand Jury empaneled—though there is overwhelming evidence of criminal activity and criminal behavior. Hell, I’ve enough to know that—so do you.

But instead—the Justice Department and 51 dishonest members of America’s Intelligence Community went on the record to lie.

They said they knew the laptop was Russian disinformation. Of course, the whole world knows that’s not true, and it was so bad that the British intel agencies avoided being involved in the entire dirty smear job—they knew it was a steaming pile and ran away as fast as they could.

Tony Bobulinski came out in October 2020 to authenticate the contents of the laptop and reveal that he had met with Joe Biden, his crackhead son, and dirty brother Jim, all to discuss nefarious business deals.

To the best of my knowledge, no Grand Jury was empaneled to investigate that very credible cesspool of crime.

Last night, we learned that former President Donald Trump is being indicted on seven charges related to his handling of classified documents after leaving office.
This is strange considering that we also know Joe Biden has had classified documents in his possession since 1974—and that many of those documents were found piled up in his unsecured garage. But at least they were near his prized Corvette. No Grand Jury was empaneled in that case either—even though Joe Biden admitted to doing it.

This is the Banana-fication of America—the rule of law and equal treatment under the law means nothing to the Democrats—nothing at all.

The Democrats do not give a damn about the Constitution—they are hell-bent on destroying the man that scares them the most—the leading candidate for the Republican Party that is beating Joe Biden in the polls.

This is not the America I know—and it’s why Donald Trump stands a better chance today of winning re-election as President than he did yesterday—but it is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination.

The American people are not that stupid—they know a setup when they see it.

They know that if Donald Trump is indicted for having classified documents, then certainly Joe Biden should be as well, along with a few dozen other Senators and likely a couple of other former Presidents.

Again, this is not how America is supposed to work—and again, the Democrats don’t care. They care about power, getting it, holding it, but most importantly, exercising it—which they will do with ruthless efficiency if given just half a chance.
They will pack the Supreme Court, destroy the energy sector, take away individual rights to choose appliances or how you travel, dictate that you live in 15-minute cities, and monitor your carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the power brokers—the men and women in the high castle—will do as they please, dining on filet mignon, lobster, and caviar while they send you to pick up a bag of cricket paste!

You think I’m crazy?

Check back in a couple of years after they have fully implemented the UN Agenda 2030 and the entire Green New Deal—turning America into just another failing Socialist or Communist nation.

The America Last zealots are celebrating all of it because they are too obtuse to understand that none of this should ever have been allowed to take place. They know they are possibly setting fire to what is left of the Republic—and again—they don’t care.

Joe Biden is too old and too senile to realize what he has caused. He was just a feeble old pawn that was easily manipulated—and maybe the power brokers will take him out too with some weak charge over classified documents, or maybe they will push him around like a new version of Weekend at Bernie’s.

This is a very sad day for America. The only prayer we have is for millions of us to rise up and reject this abomination against our great nation. Even those that hate Donald Trump have to be smart enough to realize that this is a bridge way too far—using the DOJ to attack the front-runner of the opposing political party to secure power for your side.
I am not giving up—but with voting for president starting in blue states in early September of 2024—the clock is winding down a lot faster than you may realize.

It is truly time to fight like a Democrat.

Vote as early as possible next year. Vote in every election at every level. Call your friends and people you know. Pick up their ballots and bank those votes—get as many as possible into the system.

America is truly at stake.

I told you yesterday how you were under attack—well, I have never been more right in all my time in front of this microphone—and the stakes have never been higher.

The Democrats are at war with you whether you realize it or not—and today, Donald Trump is the symbol of that ongoing attack.

President Trump has said it many times—they are attacking him because they actually hate you.