While the world obsessed over former President Donald Trump in a Miami Federal with 37 felonies hanging over his head for arguments over what is a Presidential record and what is not, the mainstream media ignored the far more damaging scandal engulfing Joe Biden, Hunter Biden—and possibly other family members.

We already learned that Joe and Hunter were each on the receiving end of $5 million paid to them from a Ukrainian national—that, according to a whistleblower—and accusations that date all the way back to 2017.

But now we’ve also learned that Biden had $10 million mysteriously appear on his 2017 tax returns—under an S-Corp with no explanation of where the money came from.

This is all very problematic, but the major news networks gave the bribery and money laundering scandal almost zero coverage.

But I can tell you that Chuck Grassley—the nearly 90-year-old Senator from Iowa—is not going to let it go. It is his revelations that keep setting the White House on its heels.

And on the House side—the scandal is not going to be forgotten either.

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No matter how hard the Biden Administration and the media lapdogs at the major networks and newspapers keep trying to bury the story, it keeps rearing its ugly head. Like the naked pictures of Hunter Biden passed out with a crackpipe in his mouth—it’s something you just cannot unsee.
Grandpa himself is now getting questions on a regular basis about whether or not he received bribes to impact American policy—and though he doesn’t seem to take them seriously, he really should.
Strangely enough, despite his embarrassing performances, the folks handling the old man are still taking him out in public to show how hard he works and how lucid he is. This is not a winning formula, I have got to say—and the reason he is trailing Donald Trump—37 indictments and all—by several points in several polls.

Can you understand any of what he says?

Don’t worry, senile Joe doesn’t either—but he thinks he does. No matter how low he is on energy or intelligence, he is not short on hubris and smart-ass comments on important topics.

But remember this—no matter how bad Joe is—which is pretty awful—things could always be worse. Cackling Kamala could be president.

And even though the networks try to ignore the problem of age and ignorance—some of them are forced to tell the truth about what would happen if an election rematch was held today.

Even MSNBC was forced to admit that Trump, a man facing several federal indictments, would probably beat “an 80-year-old president who tends to mumble and meander and tell old stories about Corn Pop.”