There is so much to discuss every day, but today I want to talk about all the radical ideas being crammed down our throats by the left-wing zealots.

You know, things like getting rid of fossil fuels and shutting down farms so we could sit in the dark and eat crickets.

Personally, I’d like to roast a T-Bone over an open fire while sipping bourbon—which makes me just about public enemy number one.

But if I would eat the same steak cooked in a fancy stainless steel kitchen while drinking fancy French wine and sampling Russian Caviar before streaking away in my Gulfstream Jet—there would be no issue at all.
Especially if I pontificated about the evils of climate change from my Ivory Tower like John Lurch Kerry and Algore. I mean, as long as I am a lily white far left liberal playing the role of word vomit virtue signaler—then I’ve got the green light to have the biggest carbon footprint on the planet.

I mean, I can jet set to Davos, Copenhagen, Paris, and back to New York again as long as I say the right things and appear at all the trendy conferences.

So, today, let’s take a deeper dive into some of the culture war’s biggest lies getting dragged out for all to see and hear.
Let’s start with the war over transgender ideology—and the idea of giving kids puberty blockers and radical surgeries that mutilate before they even reach the milestone of being sweet 16.

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Dan Crenshaw grilled a Yale School of Medicine assistant professor, asking her to cite one study that showed prepubescent hormone blockers and surgical intervention is beneficial. Surprise, she couldn’t.

But there are those among us that think teaching kids about sexual acts and sexual preferences should begin in elementary school and suggesting that it is not age appropriate or not appropriate at all—will get you smeared in an instant.

If you suggest graphic books do not belong in libraries for little kids—you are the problem, you see.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore told Jen Psaki on MSNBC that taking sexualized books out of school libraries is equivalent to “castrating” children.

Race is one of the most important go-to topics because there is nothing like throwing the race card when you are losing an argument—and losing it badly. Most people just avoid the whole mess and keep their mouths shut—I am not one of them—thankfully, I am not alone.

Representative Bryan Mast trolled the State Department’s Chief Diversity Officer by asking her to identify what race he was since it is the most important thing about him. She said she’s let him tell her what he identified as, which kind of makes this whole thing pointless, right?

And this is something that runs deep in the veins of those on the left.

For some reason, they have concluded that they have all the answers—not just for themselves but for you and your kids, too. They think you don’t even have kids—because they belong to everyone.
And that arrogant attitude runs all the way to the White House and, of course, the relic sitting in the Oval Office regurgitating whatever he is told to say.

One of the most remarkable things about the loud and proud leftist culture warriors is how little they actually know about what is really going on.
I mean, the idea of so-called gender-affirming care for kids is wildly unpopular in America, with more than 70% rejecting hormone blockers and mutilating kids’ bodies. It is already being outlawed in several European countries because they have seen the damage it does—permanent damage that can never be corrected.

The United Kingdom is among those taking the lead and shutting down the gross experimentation on kids, their genitals, and their minds.

Like it or not, whatever sex you were born into is who you are—forever—no matter what you have cut off. If parents authorize that—there should be stiff prison sentences—because that will be about the only stiff thing left.

Speaking of knowing what is actually going on—how about Joe Biden prattling on about guns and proving again that he doesn’t know anything about the very things he wants to make illegal?

Biden claimed that putting a stabilizing brace on a pistol lets you shoot a higher caliber round and makes the bullet go faster. Makes me want to buy one.

Another place Joe Biden is vulnerable is on the subject of Covid and how he and his henchmen allowed citizens to be locked down. Now, RFK Jr. is on the move, calling out big pharma and big science gone wild.