Following Florida’s lead, schools and universities in Texas will soon be banned from having DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) offices or employees. Senate Bill 17 stopped the racist DEI’s existence in the state’s educational system. The bill is awaiting Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s signature.

DEI assumes that everyone is racist and gives certain people the right to “school” others on how not to be racist. It’s one of the most disgusting things to come out of the Democrat party in a while – and that’s saying a lot.

DEI is disguised as “social justice” and helping the underserved and underrepresented. But it’s just RACISM plain and simple. It comes out of a political movement by the Democrats to obtain more power, votes and wealth – like everything else they do. They must always have “victims” to promise to help in order to keep their party going. Grievances to air and blame on the Republicans.

Other states in addition to Florida and Texas are considering banning DEI from their educational systems as well including Missouri, Iowa and South Carolina.

Michigan, which is run by Democrats, will not consider anything of the sort.

Recently, I went to the University of Michigan for surgery. It was a successful surgery and I was very impressed by the doctors, surgeons and nurses who took care of me. I didn’t care what color, religion, race, gender – or political party – they were. I only cared that they were competent.

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What I didn’t like about U of M was that DEI language was EVERYWHERE in the hospital, everywhere in the city… everywhere. Ann Arbor is fully engaged with DEI and it’s all over the university’s website. U of M is overly immersed in it.

Hopefully their DEI programs don’t result in hiring certain people based on factors other than competence, but I’m sure that it has at that university and many others across the country. It’s the reason the DEI programs exist. To pick and choose based on the criteria they establish under this new leftist racist program.

Yes, DEI is very racist and segregational to me. I was raised to believe that color didn’t matter. My first two best friends were Black. One of my current best friends is Black. DEI totally goes against everything I believe in and how I grew up.

I was raised in a world of EQUALITY not equity. A world where we stood up for people and ourselves – instead of segregating ourselves into groups where we were labeled by our race.

All DEI does is divide people. It puts them in groups against each other. One is good, one is bad, one is special, the other is not… that’s NOT the America I want to live in. I lived in that world for a few years when I lived down in Tennessee – but I left. Racism was rampant on both sides and it’s quite revolting when people treat each other solely on what color their skin is.

Real racism can only be defeated by education and shame – on a one-by-one basis. It happens in families and it happens through being a good example. It happens by not teaching it to the next generation.

You want to be inclusive and diverse? Just do it. Don’t talk about it. Don’t lecture about it. Don’t have classes and seminars and rules – or hang posters about it. You’re either diverse or you’re not. You’re not going to change one bigot’s mind about race by trying to force “anti-racism” on him or her.

The University of Michigan is not the only college in Michigan that’s immersed in DEI. It’s all over the state.

Michigan State University is on board as well and is even building a safe space – a $38 million dollar multicultural center – for “underrepresented students.”

In fact, go to any of the state’s colleges or universities, and you will see your tax dollars spent on DEI initiatives, staff and offices.

Western Michigan University, Central Michigan University, Kendall College of Art and Design, Ferris State University, Lansing Community College, Michigan Tech, Wayne State University, Grand Valley State University, Hope College, Kalamazoo College… all have DEI programs on their websites.

The only college I didn’t find a DEI website, office or staff, when doing my research was Hillsdale College, an independent, nonsectarian, Christian liberal arts college, who does not accept any federal or state taxpayer subsidies.