I hear this kind of nonsense pretty much every day. If I don’t take the exact position demanded by some ideologues, then I am branded as a Rino and as part of the problem—can you imagine that? 

I am too liberal! 

Well, if that’s true, my friends, we have some very serious problems in this country because that means those of us on the right—and yes, I am on the right—stand very little chance of ever winning another election.

If I’m the problem, we won’t elect a dog catcher if that continues to be the mindset of those on the hard right.

You see, I was canceled this week from a radio station I have been on for years—and it was because I am too liberal. 

That is what a couple of the listeners said they heard some clown say on the air. However, this same clown happens to be the program director—so he made the very poor choice to silence me as we are heading into another critical election year. I have by far the biggest statewide network with over 30 affiliates, and winning important races is critical. Therefore, having loud common-sense voices is critical—but the thought police don’t care about that, apparently. If you don’t adhere to their stringent orthodoxy, they will cancel you, just like any good little liberal would do!

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So now you’re wondering, what were the crimes that got me canceled by a guy who is often screaming about the terrors of cancel culture?  
I recently railed against Michigan Republicans for wasting their time and mine by introducing a Constitutional Carry Bill—and it is a complete waste of time because Democrats control the House, Senate, and Governor’s Mansion. This is an utterly futile effort and will go exactly nowhere—it is virtue signaling to the 2nd Amendment crowd, and it’s pointless.

I also am not a fan of Constitutional Carry because I think it’s fine for people to get trained to use guns properly. I believe having a gun is an incredible responsibility—and extra training can never hurt.
I don’t openly oppose Constitutional Carry; I am just not a fan—and for that, I got called an anti-gun guy—really? Me, anti-gun? Which, of course, is completely absurd—you would know that if you bothered to find out.

My next crime?

I suggested that Peter Meijer, a former one-term Congressman who voted to impeach Donald Trump, might be about the only choice Republicans have to win the Senate seat being vacated by Debbie Stabenow.

First of all—his name. Meijer Supermarkets were started in Michigan—they are now in something like 20 states, so Peter Meijer is a name everybody knows.

The Meijer name also comes with a pile of cash—and let’s be honest—being able to self-fund is a very important piece of the puzzle when you understand how much money these seats take. This could easily be a $10 million dollar race.

Meijer is also more centric—or if you wish, he might be a borderline Rino—which, like it or not, gives him a better chance in a purple state actually to win—and that’s better than the alternative.

The hard-core conservative candidates got clobbered in Michigan in 2022, so if you want to put the far-left Democrat Elissa Slotkin out to pasture, you’d better find someone who can attract votes from the middle.

Meijer is also a veteran—and that is also a positive from where I stand.

I was also accused of not supporting the new Republican Chair in Michigan—Kristina Karamo—and that simply is not the case either. But when you’re dealing with cancel culture on the left or the right—facts simply do not matter.

I’ve said many times that the Michigan GOP is in tatters—you know why? Because it is. I’ve also been clear that it is not the new chair’s fault—but I am not sure she can fix the problem. Party chairs have one job—raising money, and that is going to be a daunting task.

So, those are my crimes for which I have been called a Rino, a liberal, a Democrat, and someone who is bought and paid for, someone who is being bullied by Democrats and caves in on these issues.

So how angry were the thought police? Well, like I said, for supporting training and a background check before getting a concealed handgun, pointing to someone who might actually be able to win a US Senate seat for the Republicans, and noticing how damaged the GOP is in my state—I was banished from a small talk station in Northern Michigan.
Here is the problem with Rinos, you can’t win with them because they are going to do some dumb things, but you can’t win without them because you need their votes.

Democrats have always been the party of lockstep and do not get out of line.

The Republicans have always been a party that has discussions—a party that has different ideas and rarely a consensus.

So, whether you like it or not—I am going to say things you don’t agree with sometimes—and that’s ok. You’re entitled to be wrong from time to time, but we cannot lower ourselves to acting like run-of-the-mill Democrats.

As I keep telling you, we need more free speech, more ideas, and more conversation—not less.

If you think calling your fellow voters names and trying to silence them fixes anything—you are part of the problem. Personally, I am working to win elections and to be part of the solution that saves this great country.

If you don’t like that—well, I don’t care!