Upset enough to speak out against abortion, teenage transgender males showering with females or illegal aliens flooding the nation?

Michigan Democrats have come up with some legislation to not only shut you up, but also put you in jail for up to five years and fine you $10,000 if you speak up against Democrat policies and issues. This is what new Michigan legislation will do, according to attorney David Kallman who wrote about this the assault on the First Amendment over the weekend as reported by Michigan News Source.

Kallman also added, “But rest assured, this law will not be enforced equally. If you want to attack pro- life pregnancy centers, assault others, or burn government buildings like Antifa, BLM or other leftist groups, feel free to continue with your lawless behavior. This law is not meant for you.”

With the 2024 elections coming up, this bill couldn’t come at a better time for Democrats so that their political opposition cannot speak out about anything that they stand for – or against everything that they oppose.

Michigan House Bills 4474 and 4475 state “A person is guilty of a hate crime if that person intimidates or harasses another individual; causes bodily injury or severe mental anguish to another individual (Severe mental anguish? Sign me up and I’ll make sure Democrats are never able to utter another word in public again!); uses force or violence on another individual; damages, destroys, or defaces any real, personal, digital, or online property of another individual; or threatens, by word or act, to do any of the above described actions, if the person, regardless of the existence of any other motivating factors, intentionally targets the individual or engages in the action based in whole or in part on any of the following actual or perceived characteristics of another individual.”

If the Democrats think that you have disparaged a person’s race or color; religion; sex; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; physical or mental disability; age; ethnicity; national origin or association or affiliation with an individual or group of individuals with a characteristic described in the legislation, you will get dinged.

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Yes, Michigan Democrats have decided to do away with the First Amendment.

It will be quite an accomplishment if the Michigan Democrats actually get this unconstitutional legislation through. However, with a Democrat House, Senate and governor’s office, I won’t be overly surprised if this becomes the law of the land in Michigan – and that’s pretty scary.

I’m glad that the Democrats are trying to get this legislation passed now and not waiting longer – as it will give us plenty of time to take it to the Michigan Supreme Court (which will side with them of course) and then on to the Supreme Court of the United States. The First Amendment is the First Amendment. It doesn’t have any asterisks.

The Democrats introduced these bills in April and have called the legislation the “Michigan Hate Crime Act & Institutional Desecration Act.” On Tuesday they held a hearing with the House Committee on Criminal Justice.

Michigan News Source reported that Katherine Bussard, Executive Director & Chief Operating Officers of Salt & Light Global said, “The hearing today, this is the time for the public and the people of Michigan, when they should have an opportunity to inform the conversation and help the lawmakers do critical thinking about all of the unintended consequences until we come up with the best solution possible.” But that didn’t happen. Only lawmakers were able to speak during the hearing, not us “regular folk.”

Bussard also said that the way the language is written means that individuals like pastors and journalists could find themselves embroiled in a legal battle if their audience felt mental anguish from their words. She said, “This law creates a standard where you are liable for causing someone to feel victimized, regardless of your intent. Someone who reads your article and suffers emotional anguish and feels upset or offended by the story you reported, could take legal action against you, the reporter, who simply reported the facts.”

And yes, that’s exactly what the Democrats intended when writing this legislation.