Much time and was spent with the Republicans blocking attorney Merrick Garland from getting on the Supreme Court during the Obama administration after the death of Justice Scalia.

Wikipedia reports “The Republican Senate majority refused to hold a hearing or vote on his nomination. The unprecedented refusal of a Senate majority to consider a Supreme Court nomination was highly controversial. Garland’s nomination lasted 293 days (the longest to date), and it expired on January 3, 2017.”

The Democrats had whined about it non-stop. That was a tip off to the rest of us that we dodged a bullet with someone who was set to help the Democrats destroy our great country.

But then Biden got elected and it was payback in the form of nominating Garland to be the Attorney General. With the help of Republican Senators Blunt, Burr, Capito, Cassidy, Collins, Cornyn, Ernst, Garland, Graham, Grassley, Inhofe, Johnson, Lankford, McConnell, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Romney, Rounds, Thune, and Tillis, Garland became the head of our “Injustice Department.”

And ever since he’s taken the reins, Garland has let his partisan ways lead the DOJ.

Garland has gone after January 6th protesters with a vengeance, offering little due process to many of those involved and ignoring video evidence of police letting many of the protesters into the Capitol. Nevertheless, more than 1030 people have been charged in connection to the protest that day, many for just entering and staying in a building that the police let them into.

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Garland also ignored Biden’s classified document scandal – but evil Trump was indicted on 37 felony charges relating to classified docs. Garland could care less about the documents in Biden’s garage or anywhere he’s storing them.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz had predicted that Garland would indict Trump out of spite for not getting elected to the Supreme Court and called Garland the “most partisan…the most political attorney general in our nation’s history.” Cruz went on to say in an interview with Sean Hannity, “He (Garland) has corrupted the Department of Justice. He has corrupted the FBI. He has corrupted the machinery of government, and they are perfectly willing to use it. It is effectively an arm of the DNC. The hypocrisy is massive.”

Right now we have a bunch of whistleblowers telling us all about President Biden’s treasonous and disgusting behavior but Garland and his DOJ pals continue to lie and put up smokescreens to pretend that Biden isn’t corrupt or compromised – and to pretend that his son Hunter didn’t have a plethora of “pay to play” schemes worked out to enrich himself, his dad and the rest of the Biden family.

Sorry, Garland, but NO ONE believes that the Justice Department didn’t interfere in the Hunter Biden probe. NO ONE.

Garland is a a destroyer of equal justice and is just as dangerous in the DOJ as he would have been as a Supreme Court Justice.