It is remarkable how incoherent Joe Biden is on a regular basis. Let’s be honest. He is just not quick on his feet.

And I am not talking about his serious balance issues that have resulted in numerous public falls.

Falling three times on Air Force One as the world watched, falling off a bicycle that was standing still, and, more recently, falling into a near face plant at the Air Force Academy graduation.

God only knows how many times he has crashed behind closed doors at The White House or in Delaware. If this keeps up, he is going to get seriously injured—or worse—maimed or killed. It’s really not a laughing matter.

But I was not talking about his ongoing losing fight with gravity but rather his inability to think on his feet. I mean, how many times have we heard him say something that is clearly wrong, strange, or indecipherable?

Adults who are still with it catch themselves and correct an odd or inaccurate comment—but not old Joe. He just keeps truckin’, you know, like when he used to drive an 18-wheeler—which is just another false claim that he has made along the way and never corrected—but that is for another day.

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Try this Freudian slip on for size. While meeting with Indian leaders, Biden said that he “sold a lot of state secrets” before playing it off as a joke.

That’s right, the President of the United States, who just happens to be the focus of an expanding scandal—that includes allegations of bribery and money laundering—says out loud that he “sold a lot of state secrets,” which would be funny, except that is what many people already suspected.

I mean, how does that come out of his mouth, and he doesn’t catch it? He just keeps on rolling along as if nothing happened—because either he has no idea he said it—or he said it because it was actually true, and he thought nothing more about it.

Either way, it is jaw-dropping.

But these days, Joe Biden doing something jaw-dropping is not too unusual—I mean, he makes claims every single day that are not even remotely true—and for the most part, the mainstream media just glosses right over it.

That is changing a bit lately. Yesterday, Biden was boasting again about what a great job he’s done with the economy, and like usual—he lied about what is really going on.

But the real problem for Biden is not the economy—even though it has dragged his approval numbers into the gutter. The big problem is the widening scandal involving his son Hunter—the junkie who just got a cake deal, even though he failed to pay taxes on $3 million in 2017 and 2018. The scandal is getting much more serious, with new evidence that Hunter didn’t pay tax on another $8.3 million and WhatsApp messages to a Chinese Communist insider that show Hunter saying he is with Joey and demanding payment from the Chinese. For what, we don’t know yet—but we will soon enough.

The bleeding is profuse, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Everywhere you look, the cockroaches are scattering as the lights are getting brighter in the swamp.
And it’s funny to note that this past weekend, Hunter went with Joey to Camp David. I am guessing they had plenty to discuss, but what it was, we will likely never know—because those questions will never get answered either.

And you know things are changing in Washington because the Press Corps has gone from being complete lap dogs to Biden and his clown show to pressing for answers to these important questions.

It’s not like anyone is going to be honest and answer any serious questions. Maybe that is what everyone needs to see.

And what about the DOJ—what is happening there? I mean, can we trust that the institution is even functional anymore? I really don’t think so.

And these are just some of the problems dogging Joey, Hunter, and the Biden family.

For Joe, there are still plenty of questions about how he came to have classified documents stacked in places like his garage—when he never had the legal authority to have them.

Even Nancy Pelosi is piling on, admitting that Joe took documents as a Senator and Vice President that he had no right to.

And if Nancy Pelosi thinks you’re corrupt, you’re in trouble, buddy.