Things that affect Americans directly like how much money they have in their pocket and the unfettered amount of illegal aliens breaking into the country are the top concerns of Americans as we head into an election that is only 503 days away.

A new Harvard Caps Harris poll was done on June 14th and 15th, with 2,090 registered voters surveyed on a variety of topics.

The results showed that price increases and inflation were the number one concern with 33% of those surveyed expressing concern for the issue; followed by immigration (26%), the economy and jobs (24%). Rounding out the top ten were guns (down 3% to 19%); crime and drugs (18%); national debt/federal budget deficits (down 3% at 17%); environment/climate change (14%), health care (14%), corruption (12%) and women’s rights (11%).

The bottom three on the list (besides “other”) were January 6th (4%), policing (4%) and cybersecurity (4%).

With the country only existing on credit cards at the moment under Bidenflation, there are not many who think we are on the “right” track including 54% of Democrats, 10% of Republicans and 21% of independents.

With an overall approval rating around 43%, President Biden isn’t holding court over a very happy electorate. Only 39% approve of his handling of the economy and his main competitor in the Democrat primary election field, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., seems to be gaining ground on him while Biden’s campaign folks ignore the possible impending threat from a candidate who can speak in complete sentences, walk off a stage without being escorted and has the cognitive ability to actually run the country.

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Making a dent in the race with 15% of those surveyed saying they would vote for Kennedy instead of Biden, the Democrats are (happily) missing the boat on the fact that the voters don’t really want Biden around for a second term and are looking for someone – anyone – else to vote for.

The media is doing their level best to shut him up though (Kennedy). They especially don’t like his anti-vaccine ideas. Not shy about participating in election interference, NBC removed a video recently of Kennedy speaking with podcast host Jordan Peterson about vaccines because the network claims it is “misinformation.”

Just like when Biden competed with Trump, the media will give President Disaster “in kind” donations by suppressing and censoring information to help the old guy steal another election.