One of the current favorite things that the social justice warriors are working on is reparations – which is compensation for abuse or injury. For a while now, Los Angeles has been on the path to pay their Black residents billions of dollars in reparations.

The California’s Reparations Task Force has been working on it and their final report is due to the legislature in the state at the beginning of July. After that, lawmakers will decide if anyone actually gets reparations money, how much they will get (for the harms of slavery and discrimination) and who qualifies.

The task force has reportedly decided that those who are descendants of enslaved Americans qualify – with reparations calculated on harm caused by health disparities, mass incarceration and over- policing, and housing discrimination.

If California and other parts of the United States actually starts paying out money to people due to race, the whole country will identify as Black pretty soon. Ancestry stock will soar because everyone will be looking at their past trying to find a long lost slave in their family.

Not to be outdone by the folks who want reparations for descendants of slaves, there are also climate change reparations folks and they want the oil companies to pay. This is based on a new study that says BP, Shell, ExxonMobil and others should pay about $290 billion annually in climate reparations based on the fact that there are 21 fossil fuel companies who are responsible for 36% of global emissions since 1988.

Where would all of that money go? Who knows. Somehow though, we all know it would end up with the Democrat party and their supporters.

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At least study co-author Richard Heede admits the truth when he says, “We have no rational mechanism for raising funds, or managing funds or allocating funds to victims of climate change.”

Looking at all of this going on in the country and in the world has led me to decide that I deserve DEMOCRAT REPARATIONS for all of the harm that they have caused to me and everyone else in the United States.

Since the beginning of the Democrat party’s existence, the United States has lost much of their freedoms, prosperity and lives because of Democrats. I contend that Democrats have even cost more destruction and loss of life than the religious wars.

With Democrat BS legislation, their inability to win wars, their stealing of our tax money, their destructive COVID-19 rules and regulations… the list is long and endless. They want power and money and will sacrifice us all to get both.

I need reparations for all of the lost time, freedom and money they have cost me. I need a lot and I need it now.

Who do I talk to about that? Trump? Someone needs to get this plan going.