Europeans are planning to fly into America and take their climate change zealousness to the streets and highways of American cities.

The Daily Mail reports that “Europe’s top climate activists are planning a ‘large-scale civil disobedience campaign’ of highway blockages, hunger strikes and disruption at ‘federal properties’ in the US in August.”

They will be using their US-based franchise, Declare Emergency, to “create mayhem on this side of the Atlantic.” It remains to be seen if American law enforcement will let them do whatever they want – like they do right now with the homeless, drug addicts and shoplifters around the country – and also like they did in the past with Black Lives Matter and Antifa when they went on their rampage of assaults, arson and riots.

Roger Hallam, the co-founder of XR (Extinct Rebellion) told an online group of a few dozen United States-based activists, “What we want to do is create a large-scale civil disobedience campaign on the climate catastrophe in the United States.”

I’m sure that the Democrat party will praise, if not join, their efforts to create chaos in our country because they are not only good at it, they enjoy it immensely – especially when it furthers their political goals.

Declare Emergency has asked President Joe Biden to declare a national climate crisis and to use his powers to cut pollution and help their climate change goals but so far he hasn’t done so. To be fair, old man Biden is too busy tripping on things and helicoptering off to his Delaware home to do much of anything.

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The Daily Mail reached out to the FBi to see what their plans are regarding these European terrorists, but they didn’t return their request for comment.

But the FBI is just as busy as Biden. They are prosecuting January 6th protesters, hiding the crimes of Joe and Hunter, illegally going through the records of Republicans, surpassing our First Amendment rights and working to rig the 2024 election.