Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer called us “menstruating people.”

Transgenders are taking away our segregated bathrooms and locker rooms from us and not allowing us to have our own sports teams and competitions.

And according to The Sun a lesbian is not a woman. They are a “non-man who is attracted to a non-man” – or so says John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, a medical school actually said this in their “LGBTQ guide.”

You would think that feminists would be decrying this wokeness insanity. But they aren’t.

You would think that people in the legal and medical field would actually deal in facts and reality and not woke ideology.

But they aren’t.

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We live in a fake new world now, controlled by leftists. A world where they control a lot of the educational system and many large corporations and currently the federal government. So they will push their insanity on us until they start to notice they are losing elections. And they WILL lose eventually because they don’t represent the American people.

They are at war with us.

The American Thinker and others have pointed this out including Steve Gruber.

The American Thinker says that warfare requires deception and that the federal government habitually lies to us.

Ain’t THAT the truth.

They lie and they change language and definitions to meet their needs. Remember when they changed the definition of the word “vaccine” because their COVID-19 vaccines weren’t working?

The American Thinker talks about just a FEW of the many lies that we’ve had to put up with the last few years…”Lies about Russia collusion, COVID, vaccine effectiveness, climate change, Biden family corruption, impartial justice, biological sex, American history, border security, debt sustainability, crime rates, gun safety, banking solvency, military engagements, racial disparities, religious doctrine, Western civilization, childhood development, healthy obesity, government surveillance, hydrocarbon energy, human slavery, acclaimed literature, anthropology…”

And like I said, that’s just to name a few things that they’ve lived about. Because they lie about anything and everything. It’s their “go-to” position.

So when they say women aren’t women, that’s just another in their long list of lies to control the narrative, curate voters and stay in power so that they can further their political goals. The rest of us actually live in the real world.